Quick Tips to Continually Get More and More Out of Life

Every time you see others achieving greatness, do you ever wonder, Why am I not doing that?

Those succeeding big aren’t necessarily smarter than you.

They may not work harder than you.

So, why them and not you?

The fact is you could be a millionaire, even a billionaire.

To get more and more in life, not just financially but in ANY area, it will require you to never sell out and settle for “enough”.

Here are some tips you can use from my life to apply to your life:

1) I Stay Broke:

I continually put all my money into investments I can’t touch, which means I actually go broke quite frequently. I actually need to go out and produce new money. This is required for anyone who wants to grow wealthy. It’s hard to say you have “enough” when you go broke!

2) I Use Every Moment:

I have a beast mode calendar. You either waste time or invest it in something. I know how scarce time is, and I need to use every moment I have in order to further my prosperity.

3) I Focus on Closing:

I run my business like an NFL team. Either win or you’re getting cut. It’s a jungle out there and the economy is an eat-what-you-kill place. Don’t just sell or present, but put a priority on becoming a master closer. Closing is when anything of value gets exchanged, and it’s ultimately the only thing that matters in the end.

 4) I Have an Incredible Work Ethic:

It’s not bragging if it’s true. The fact is, if you want more and more in life, you will need a great work ethic. Otherwise, you’ll get fat, happy and lazy. It starts with a golf game a week, then it turns to two golf games a week, then a little X Box here and there, and before you know it, half your week is gone.

5) I Focus on More:

You get what you focus on. Quit dreaming and you’ll quit having. I always make new goals to guide me into the future.

10x life

Remember, once you reach a certain point of affluence, most of society will tell you to back off.

Even something inside you will tell you to take it easy. It’s the battle of “enough”, and it’s a sale.

Will you be closed or will you resist? Like any sale, it depends on the value you see in pushing ahead for more.

Many people are content to settle down in a cute white-picket-fence home, have a 401K, and a two-week vacation now and then at some Holiday Inn that will give them a free breakfast bagel.

For me, that wasn’t enough.

Today, even though I fly private and go and stay wherever I want to, whenever I want to, it’s still not enough—and I won’t apologize about this. I want 7 billion people to know my name, and that will require more money and more resources.

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” That’s a lie.

Why have a cake if you can’t eat it?

I have always wanted many things, not just one thing. And I’ve always wanted more of the good things that I’ve had.

I want a super life: health, wealth, family, love, recreation, and time to enjoy it all.

As I said in Be Obsessed or Be Average, why settle for one color when you can have the rainbow?

My success is defined as the attainment of my potential. I can’t hit my potential if I don’t push for more. That means if I take an “enough” mentality to my life, I will no longer be striving for success.

What is your potential?

Your potential expands and reveals itself over time as you discover more and more of what you’re capable of. You can’t discover any of that if you stop pushing for more.

I know I’ve underestimated my potential in the past. I expect I still do.

No matter how much I achieve, I’m aware that I have yet to fulfill my full potential.

You know the old saying, “Life is about the journey, not the destination”?

That’s not true, your journey includes destinations—many destinations—and after each destination reached you come to a fork in your life.

These destinations teach you something new about your potential, and you will either move forward for more or you will stay located where you are.

This shows that the destinations in life are the stops along the journey that test whether or not you are going to be sold.

Will you “buy a house” in that location and settle down? Or will you move up to the next, better location?

Have You Got Your Seat Yet to the 10X Growth Conference?

You see, even if someone lives to be 90 years old, their journey could be much shorter than someone reaching for more who lives a shorter life.

Every destination I hit, I discover there’s a new destination that offers me more.

This isn’t a grass-is-always-greener-never-satisfied thing, it’s a healthy motivation that tells me there’s more out there for me to get.

People who are making dreams a reality never believe they have done enough or accomplished enough; they are always going to the next level.

Those who believe they are satisfied are either very confused or extremely dangerous, because they will try to persuade you to stop trying and be “satisfied,” the way they are.

If you compromise your vision of success and settle for less than what you’re capable of, you’ll become unhappy, irritable, bored, discontent, depressed, and even angry.

This is the result of being sold on a bad deal.

Here’s the Truth of the Matter

People who suggest you should settle for less are doing so because they have been sold on the idea that they have enough. Just because they’ve bought a bad deal doesn’t mean you need to follow.

There is no exception to this: The super successful will never tell you that you have enough.

The people that say “Success isn’t everything” are the people who have little success.

If the people you see aren’t screaming for more, they are validating enough.

Never take advice from a quitter!

Let this be my public manifesto: I will never be closed on the idea I have enough because each day I learn more about my potential.

You are for sale. The only question is…

Are you going to get closed?


Will you push for more?

Get yourself to 10XGrowth Con 3 and let’s push for more in life together. Let’s GROW!

Be Great,


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