You’re Not Perfect Just the Way You Are

Your Mom Is Wrong

You know how your mom might tell you, “I love you just the way you are“…?

Be forewarned, nobody who is super close to you and in charge of protecting you, keeping you safe, and securing your environment is fit to give you advice about growing, expanding, or doing anything that might rock the boat of status quo.

Because they love you the way you are.

But do you love the way you are? If you do, you wouldn’t have any goals, you wouldn’t have any New Year’s resolutions—because you wouldn’t need to grow or improve in any area, right?

You know you’re NOT perfect and that you need to grow.

Quit loving yourself the way you are and get hungry to become the person you have the potential to become!

I don’t care how much you already have or how good you are, you’re not perfect.

How to Grow

Did you know there may be no such thing as “enough”, that it’s ok to have more than enough, and that you can push for infinite growth and contribution in this world?

Don’t be sold on the idea that you have enough or that you’re good enough.

Your life doesn’t have to be “just enough” or “good enough”.

Now is your time to pinpoint your hunger and purpose in this world.

You must be fully sold on what is driving you.

The only reason people stop pushing for more in life is that they are sold into believing they have enough. They’ve been sold they’re good as they are.

If you stay sold on the idea that you want more than enough, you can’t be sold into kicking back and taking it easy. If you stay sold on the idea that you have room for growth, you can’t be sold into kicking back and thinking you’re fine just the way you are.

Here are some questions that will help you discover your hunger and purpose:

  • What is exciting to me?

  • What jacks me up so much that I forget to eat?

  • What one thing could I contribute to if I get more money?
  • No matter how good or talented I am at something, how can I develop further?
  • If I pushed for more than I have now, how would my legacy be different?

These types of questions can help you clarify where you can push for more and how you can get better, even if you feel like you have “enough” or that you’re already a superstar.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying that you only will have one purpose in life—you can be hungry to grow a number of different things in your life!

Cardone U

Your life is one big transition.

What I mean by that is you will work out what it is you are supposed to be doing, and then there will come a time when you will again wonder what you are supposed to be doing, and the process of clarifying your purpose will start over again.

You get hungry, and sometimes that hunger subsides and you have to get hungry about something again.

Those who are really alive and who make the biggest difference in life know how to keep updating and refocusing their goals as they mature, as life changes, and as opportunities come and go.

In order to avoid living the “I have enough” life, in order to avoid your mom’s mindset that you’re good as you are, you must redefine who you are and refuel your goals as conditions change and your previous goals are achieved.

This will determine how much you grow and contribute in the world.

Think of yourself like a computer…

Sometimes you must reboot. By restarting and “reloading” you’re able to begin again and go after more, no matter how much you already have. Otherwise, you’ll be frozen like a locked-up computer and no longer useful.

You’re always in transition, getting older, hitting goals, and starting over.

When you internally tell yourself you have “enough” or that you’re “good enough”, that is the moment when your hunger is gone, right?

When you’re hunger is gone, when you lose that sense of purpose, you no longer have big goals to change anything.

If you ever find yourself for sale—selling out pushing for more for having just enough—you need to rekindle that hunger inside of you or find something new to get excited about.

You need MORE of something, because “enough” just doesn’t cut it in life. Sorry, you’re NOT good enough.

Deep down, everyone wants more than enough, everyone wants to get better in life.

That’s what the 10X Growth Conference is all about. It’s about GROWTH.

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You need to be there because you too have room for growth. Financial, relationally, health-wise, you can grow, right?

Forget what your mom tells you. You aren’t good the way you are. Grow with me and let’s start 2019 off the right way!

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Be Great,


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