Proof You Need to Change

Do you want proof you need to change in life?

Well, I want to prove it to you.

First—a quick story.

Last summer I did a major overhaul of my website.

The result has been positive with the speed drastically increased, customers happier, and sales way up.

It got me thinking about how you must continually change, adapt, and refocus in life to stay ahead in the game.

If you aren’t updating your business on a regular basis, then you will become stagnant.

This is not just true for your website, it’s true for every area in life.

Those that never change become dinosaurs.

The inability to adapt to changes in your environment will lead to extinction.

We live in a different world today than we did 20 years ago. If I never updated my website, I would be a dinosaur today. Want proof?


The interesting thing is, at the time this was published, it seemed cutting edge. We had just survived the “Y2K” scare, it was still pre 9/11, and the world was just entering the digital age at the turn of the millennium.

Very few people my age had a website back then. I was being innovative and testing new ways of reaching people besides door-to-door and the phone.


Since I try and keep things fresh, I’ve updated my site a few times. By 2005 it had evolved quite a bit.


You don’t change just for the sake of change, rather you change because you can always find ways to improve.

Having your eye focused on the future will help you continually adapt to changes in your industry.


How many people say, “I never want you to change!” to their significant other?

Listen, change is a good thing. You don’t want you or anyone you know to never change.

Embrace change.

  • No one has one job forever.
  • Nobody has one website forever.

Look to an area in your life today that is outdated, then make some much-needed changes.

No matter what your age, get current and refuse to be a dinosaur.

Remember that if you aren’t reinventing yourself, you’re stagnating!

You can stagnate just as easy at 21 as at 55 by the way. Age has nothing to do with it.

At 60, I’m still looking to change and evolve.

So, I’m putting on the world’s largest business conference.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, there’s no better place to start!

Be Great,


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  • Regina Tula

    You Mr. Cardone are like a fine Whiskey; excellent throughout the aging process and a greater value with age. All the best to you and your family.

  • Danielle

    Grant, My husband who is u employed and has been for the better part of the year is not so enthralled with you that he thinks he is going to buy a million dollar property when we cant even afford out $580 a month rent right now. I sure would love some insight here on how I am the small minded one for needing him to get a job to help pay the Bill’s in the meantime of him making a billion dollars.Now that I’ve said all of this I realize how INSANE it sounds..But no really this is our life.

  • Mickey Coffino

    Change is absolutely essential. But if the dynamics in the company platform or the owner stay the same thinking, you can change everything existential and the results will still be the same. It Has to be in intrinsically as well as Outwardly. You have changed your company platform ,you’ve also envolved as well. No matter how driven someone is if you don’t have a true calling to help others and it self serving it really doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful you just have a empty tank.

  • Marija Stankovic

    God Bless You! At 60, you looks much better than 10-20 years ago! It comes with success!

  • Peter Achoki

    This is awesome. That’s why you are a legend.

  • Gus Calabrese

    Grant – Reading your books, watching you online and following you and Elena has made me more money $$$! Sorry could not join you in Miami, had previous engagement.

  • CardoneFan

    Uncle G’s been helping me out since I first got started….couldn’t have got anywhere without Sell or Be Sold haha…

  • Nikhil V

    Told you man, STOP AGING..Buy antiaging something with your money Grant. Start a series HOW TO BE GRANT or something. World Needs more of us.Sales has been made more difficult by people who promote unnecessary sales techniques. Rather its just simple, Just reach out man, doesn’t matter how. You will learn live and permanently. Dont overprepare. You know this , don’t you ?😉

  • Nikhil V

    Even you can buy a million dollar mansion. Give it a thought.

  • Rohan Vyas

    From what it looks, your website has evolved from HTML to Flash to HTML5 again.

    Techy speaking, but I think you are rocking as always and one thing that does not change is your passion towards helping people and making money!

    So I would suggest to keep one line – You must not change your big goal!

  • tør hovedbund kur

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  • eikoeoaf

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