Don’t Let Your Business Die in Obscurity

Hey, I’m pumped after yesterday’s webinar! Between my business techniques, Bob Duggan’s wisdom, and Fran Tarkenton’s tactics there is more than a billion dollars worth of business information to learn and apply. I hope the live webinar we did yesterday woke you up to the reality of why 80% of entrepreneurs are failing in the first 18 months of business. We want to save you from the middle class and know all you need is the tools to escape. To follow up, one reason entrepreneurs know that businesses fail is when they don’t get attention. If you want to succeed and grow your business, your sales revenue and your brand you must get attention. What do I mean by attention? I am talking about generating enough awareness that you and your company own the entire market. Obscurity kills business. There are plenty of solid ideas and great products out there that never make it into the hands of the consumer. Most of them don’t know how to get attention and then they disappear. There are also some weaker products and services being sold to the masses and are very successful. When you look closely, those people, products and services are committed to getting attention. Money follows attention. To be successful in creating attention you need to be able to answer these two questions: 1. How far will you go to get attention? 2. How frequent will you be in your attempts? Over the last five years, I have worked at massive levels of action to get the right kind of attention. I have used radio, TV, branding, and social media. I’ve posted over 2,600 videos on YouTube with over 15.6m views, written thousands of blogs and articles with millions of views, Tweeted over 72,600 times, broadcasted over 1,000 live streams to millions of viewers, and hit every social media platform possible to get my name and brand out. I even launched my own on-demand business network, Grant Cardone TV, with video programming intended to help people succeed in their business and life. It takes work and the willingness to try new things, learn what works and what doesn’t, make improvements and adjustments—and move forward. I have found that creativity follows commitment, so make sure you commit first and then worry about the content. To me, quantity is more important than quality in the beginning because you aren’t going to figure out the quality without the quantity. You won’t have the time to worry about the quality if you aren’t pushing in quantities high enough to get results. If you’re out there all the time, you’re going to get more and more eyes. When you have something to offer, offer it. Repeat it over and over until it doesn’t work anymore, and then move forward. In every communication, my goal is to create an effect with the recipient of that message. You must vary the content and be informative, but most importantly you must entertain. Think about what catches your eye. What makes you read or watch one thing over another? Communicate to others with that in mind. What will make them stop what they are doing and pay attention to you? Understand that your customer is oblivious to you and overwhelmed with content from other companies. To cut through the clutter you must entertain and get their attention. My friend, Gary Vaynerchuk, says in his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, “If you are going to interrupt people’s entertainment, you better be entertaining.” You must get sold and have total belief in your business. Think of it as your ethical duty and obligation to tell as many people as possible about what you do so you can help them. Most entrepreneurs struggle with getting attention because they are afraid of how they may be perceived by others. The marketplace doesn’t reward those who play it safe and coast under the radar. Get attention for who you are, what you know and what your business has to offer. Someone who isn’t afraid to get attention will push past you and leave you in the dust if you don’t. Get known, get attention and dominate your market. Your survival depends on it. I go deep into how to “Create a Social Media Presence” in Chapter 21 of my book Sell or be Sold. I discuss how people research your company, what is mandatory to benefit from that, and why it is not a choice but an obligation if you want to be successful. The bottom line is: YOU MUST USE SOCIAL MEDIA. Read a preview of that chapter here. Be Great, Grant Cardone

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