A Great Attitude is Worth More Than a Great Product

Happy Halloween to all my friends! Whatever you dress up as this year I hope it’s 10X what you did last year. Go out and trick or treat, network and keep your hustle going through the holiday. Keep a great attitude and stay positive. A Great Attitude is Worth More Than a Great Product by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week People will pay more for an agreeable, positive, and enjoyable experience than they will for a great product. Who doesn’t want to feel good? Think about how people feel getting candy around Halloween. And who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for being right? Who doesn’t want to be smiled at and agreed with? Show me a person that doesn’t want to feel good and I’ll show you someone that you don’t want to bother doing business with! People want to feel good. People are moved by positive and confident people, more than by great products. There will always be a market for products that make people feel good, but a person who can make someone feel good can sell almost anything! The individual who combines a great attitude with a great product becomes unstoppable! A positive attitude is a thousand times more important than the product itself. Imagine you knock on a door this Halloween and someone comes out with a terrible attitude and a bowl of candy—how suspicious will you be of that candy? But if they came out with a smile, you’re instantly more comfortable and ready to do business—to close the deal and take the candy. And observe how people on this planet spend their money. A person will spend a small amount of his income on the necessities of life and blow his entire paycheck on entertainment. Why? Because he wants to feel good! It’s easy for a buyer to say no to a product or a company, but it’s extremely difficult to say no to a positive experience with another human being. When something makes you feel good you want more of it whether it makes sense or not. If you aren’t getting paid the way you want to and you know what you’re doing, I assure you that your attitude is part of your problem! If you want a bigger paycheck, get a bigger attitude. The question is, how do you change it, how do you stay positive, what can you do to ensure that you’re smiling, happy, and loving life? Here are some helpful suggestions that I’ve used in my life when I wanted to make sure I had a beaming, positive attitude:

  1. Avoid newspapers, television, and radio.
  2. Stay away from “can’t do” people who have trouble in life. Avoid people who don’t do well. You can try to help people, but don’t hand around with them and be affected negatively. This includes family and friends.
  3. Get everyone in your life on the same page with where you’re going and what you want in your life. Let them know what is expected of them in order for you to get there!
  4. Avoid drugs and alcohol because of the negative influence they have on your mind. They make you lethargic, slow, and not sure! Prescription drugs affect the mind as badly as the street drugs do, and some are proving even more dangerous. Just look at the side effects and warning labels.
  5. Avoid hospitals and doctors if at all possible. See them when you absolutely have to, but that’s it. I’ve seen too many people get worse after they spend time with doctors and hospitals.
  6. Treat negative talk like garbage. Put up a sign in your home and your office that reads, “No Negativity Allowed Here.” Don’t allow people to talk negatively around you. You don’t need it.
  7. Start or continue your negativity diet today. Commit to no negative thoughts, ideas, or talk for the next twenty-four hours. This will be a start to you really getting control of your thoughts and actions and help you build the discipline to control how you think and act.

This will give you a way to compete with yourself to start controlling how you think, act, and live life! People have become unaware of just how negative they are, and then wonder why they get negative results in life! Nothing in your life will pay you more rewards than your ability to have and maintain a great attitude. Nothing will prove more valuable in life than a positive outlook on life! People will remember you in life not for how much money you made or for your success, but for how you handled life and how you made others feel. Get a great attitude today! Be the positive, forward-looking, solution-oriented person you are supposed to be! And to have a great attitude about your product, dream or solution, you must be completely sold on it yourself. All of these tips are things I talk about in my Axiom Gold Award winning book Sell or Be Sold. I’m giving you a chance to get all of my Sell or Be Sold products together for a short time only. Check it out here. Be great, Grant Cardone

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  • Ed O'Neill

    Awesome advice Uncle G!

  • Flo

    “People will remember you in life not for how much money you made or for
    your success, but for how you handled life and how you made others feel.”
    – Absolutely true!

    Great post grant.

  • Rose Harr

    I love the way you always stay relevant!

  • Ellen Miller

    Amazing…the best advice ever…Thank you for this posting. I love you! You are amazing. Love to all…Love and success!!

  • Rachel Purington

    I love this!! It’s so hilarious that I am the new girl at work, and I’m gonna smoke ‘em all! I’m so totally eating up all these pointers. Selling background + your advice = They are in TROUBLE, and don’t even know it. They are just trying to black me out, mentally, like people used to try to do when I sold cars, but when I was recruited to sell for these people, they all think I’m a newbie. This is kid stuff, and I’m using as many ideas as I can with these jokers, and they have zero sales training, so I’m just going to do my thing, follow your advice, and wait for them to drop off like flies.

  • Andre Kool

    Thanks Uncle G! I need to get that sign!

  • Windy Thomason

    Grant Cardone- You are my messiah! No NEGATIVITY! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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