Commit to Greatness

Hey, if you’ve been watching any of the political debates you know that the government and politicians cannot help you. They can’t even figure out who to attack or what issue to act passionate about to get votes. The only person who is going to save you from your financial situation is you. And to do that you must become great. Become one of the masters. The truth is, to be great at anything you must devote yourself completely. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you must devote yourself, your energy, and your resources to a career in business. And whether you title yourself a career salesperson or not, you’d better get it to your core that your success depends solely on this skill—to sell—and then you better commit fully to learning it. You have to convince yourself that this skill is the thing you have to learn in order to get your way in life and is where you are going to make your riches. Commit: to pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course. But how does one commit so fully? The first step I take is to eliminate any and all other options and devote myself completely to learning everything I can about the topic. I become a fanatic. I am 100% absorbed, all-in, obsessed, a Super Freak! I stop questioning, planning, over-thinking and get in all the way! I discontinue looking at other options. Don’t be the guy who keeps looking in everyone else’s lawn to see how the grass is greener “over there.” That’s the same guy who never commits to taking care of the lawn he already has. He just winds up mediocre and miserable. What was he even doing looking at another lawn in the first place? He already has one that needs to be mowed and watered. Those other lawns are greener because someone committed to them. Think of committing like picking a place to park your car. When you first arrive you’re looking around, but when you find a spot, you don’t continue looking—you pull in, park and get out of the car. Commit and be done with it. Committing is when you make a firm decision, you quit wondering and then you follow through on your commitment with massive action. Once you’ve fully committed to a partner in life, it’s a good idea to quit looking for new partners. You take what you have already and make everything you can out of it. Could you find someone smarter, prettier, or happier? Probably, but that’s not committing. Committing means you’re all-in, all the way—you are done looking. You make the person you have committed to the prettiest, smartest, and the happiest. I would rather commit to the wrong thing all the way than commit to the right thing halfway. Commit and be done with it! Whenever I commit fully to any line of action I get immediate results. When I’m not committed all the way I find that results become delayed or non-existent. If I’m committed 100% to a customer in front of me, I get results. But when I am with one customer and thinking about another or wishing I had a better customer I am unable to make the best of what I have—and results become scarce. No commitment equals no results. Commit and commit all the way. Make a commitment to save yourself from your financial situation. Make a commitment to blow up your business, no matter what market it is in. I want to help the entire planet, that’s why I’m creating an eBook to solve this issue and help you out. If you want more information on this go to How to Make Millions in Business. If you want a preview of the eBook, get it here. Make Millions in Business with Grant Cardone Be great, Grant Cardone

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