Be Careful of Fear Mongering!

With non-stop coverage of the nuclear situation in Japan and the media’s relentless repetition of images of smoke and fire, then video loops where homes are being swept away by rising water followed by pundits’ predictions of worse- case scenarios, I decided to do some research about the current situation.
First off, there are over 400 nuclear plants like the ones in Japan. The six plants in Japan withstood one of the worse earthquakes in man’s history.  It wasn’t until power was cut to the multiple diesels providing power to the reactors that any problem occurred within the nuclear plants.

This is not meant to diminish the situation or make less of it but to bring some rational understanding to the situation and some calm to all the panic. Of all the 400 nuclear reactors in the world only three locations have ever had an issue.   Also, it’s important for us to recognize that with all developments from the automobile to the airplane to the computer have some risks to go with the benefits they offer.  People have been hurt in automobiles and aircrafts, but you don’t go back to riding horses and walking in order to avoid all risks.

An expert on this situation, Dr. Josef Oehmen from MIT states,  “There has not been one single report that was accurate and free of errors.” These are the types of events that the media loves and would do everything they can to further dramatize the situation in order to get you fixated to their channel and thus sell their advertising.

In times like these, people need leadership, hope, and logic not more emotional dramatization of the events!

To read more on what Dr. Oehmen has to say, click HERE.

Grant Cardone, International Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author

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