The Advanced Rules to Close the Sale

The close is where the money in sales is determined. Let’s face it there’s no money in selling if you don’t close. You need to know the basics and advanced rules of closing so that you become an expert at persisting through resistance and turn the tough buyers into easy closes!
Here are the 10 advanced rules to help you Close the Sale:

1. Always know you can come to an agreement. Keep suggesting agreement no matter how difficult the close. “I know we can come to an agreement”, “I know this is the right thing for you”, “I know we can work it out.”

2. Always maintain a positive demeanor. Don’t let the buyer’s reactions change your positive attitude into a negative one. Stay positive no matter what you hear, no matter how difficult, and no matter how tough your buyer. One of your goals should be to get the respect and admiration of the buyer that when they’re being negative they’re aware that you stay positive and optimistic.

3. Always smile (no matter the communication). This needs to be practiced daily. A continuous smile despite the situation can result in more closes than anything. Just keep smiling no matter what you hear.

4. Always treat the buyer like they can! When you keep hearing, ‘I can’t do that’, ‘We can’t afford it,’ you have to keep reaffirming that they can do it and they can afford it. Don’t let them sell you on what they can’t do, close them on believing they can.

5. Always acknowledge all offers and communication. When you’re made an offer that you can’t get to, always take the time to thank your buyer for the offer no matter how ridiculous. “Thank you for that, now let’s talk about how we’re going to take care of the difference.”

6. Always agree with the buyer (first). This is the first rule of selling and applies when negotiating and closing the sale. When the buyer has a disagreement don’t make them wrong, make them right by agreeing and then spend your time closing on what has to happen.

7. Always look for a solution and know there is one. When you give up, they’ll give up. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, where the sales person continues to find solutions one will be found.

8. Always care so much you refuse not to close. I use pressure in every sale, but it never seems like pressure but rather insistence, caring, and complete belief in doing the right thing. “I won’t let you not do this because I know that this is the right thing for you….sign here.”

9. Always use a full arsenal. Most sales people only have 3-4 closes. You need a complete arsenal of closes that handles every possible objection, stall, and reason not to close. Check out our Quick Fix On-Demand Training Site – Solutions for every selling situation where you can see in HD video what I would do in every selling and closing situation.

10. Always maintain the close is a service! Closing the deal isn’t a bad thing it’s a service. I see the close as the highest level of service. Anyone can talk about their product but can you get someone to make a decision about your proposal? Closing the deal, finishing the negotiations, finalizing is a service for everyone.

Remember these are 10 rules you should always take so that you can always close the sale.

Grant Cardone, International Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author

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