Are You Getting the Respect You Deserve?

I recently had a conversation with an associate about respect versus self-respect. It seems that most people think more about how to get others to respect them, than they do about how to increase their respect for themselves.

There should be nothing more valuable to you than the respect you have for yourself. I find that I increase my personal self-respect not by being a saint, but by doing those few extra things (actions) that I might not otherwise have to do. How does big action bring about self-respect?

The closer I get to operating at my full potential the better I feel about myself.  And, the better I feel about myself, the more I seem able to do. Completing tasks and crossing them off my to-do list, gives me a sense of accomplishment, freeing me up to do even more.

Look at the loose ends in your life. How much self-respect will you have with all these unfinished things just hanging around? Handle them! Blow through your tasks, make sure what you are doing is in line with your greater purpose and you will begin to see others looking at you with greater admiration and respect, but most importantly, you will feel a sense of pride in yourself for your accomplishments. You’ll be living 10X.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are some targeted actions you can take to make you feel better about who you are?
  2. What phone calls can you make to a client that you haven’t followed up on? Is there a letter you can send to an old friend or relative?
  3. Are you being positive or complaining? Maybe you can take the time each day to post something positive on your social media pages to give someone else a boost.
  4. Are you spreading goodwill? Try going out of your way to compliment another person for something you may admire about them.

I’m sure if you think about it you’ll find many ways to do more, do good, and serve your purpose, building your self-respect.

Want to get more? Do more? Make an effort to increase your self-respect this week and discover how much more you can actually complete and take on.

To help you with this, I just created a brand new tool you can use, modeled after the method I have used for years. Its’ my new 10X Planner; it’s part planner and part journal. You write down your goals and then line up your appointments and tasks to accomplish them. You see it all right there in front of you.  Writing down your goals and reading them daily is critical for success and it has worked for me. Pre-order yours today!

Be great. Nothing else pays.

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