To Find Success You Must Be Willing To Leave Home

This week’s strategy is dedicated to all my fellow success hunters.

The most successful people share a ferocious obsession with success. They are willing to go where ever necessary to learn new strategies and surround themselves with other successful people. Those winning the success game will invest their last dollars to get every advantage in the market place, and here’s why.

Notice how the mega successful, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim and Bill Gates fly all over the world to meet up with other successful entrepreneurs? These guys are certainly in a position to have the world come to them. Instead they travel to all corners of the world. They could just as easily Skype, watch a webinar or listen to a podcast. They want in-person contact with power, influence and success. They want to be in the environment and spend time with other winners. They don’t just want to learn, they want to tap into the energy of big thinkers and strengthen their understanding, confidence and relationships.

Since man has walked this planet, he has left home in search of new and great discoveries. Let’s face it, no matter how inspirational your own backyard is, it is filled with fixed and limited ideas, distractions and familiarity.

Over the last 25 years I have moved my family 6 times. While each move was scary, each allowed me to expand spiritually and financially. Further, for the last 12 years, I have made it a point to leave the comforts of my home and office to get away for 4 and sometimes 6-10 days for self-improvement, education and networking. I hate traveling and I hate leaving my company, but I do so in order to get away from distractions and familiar settings so I can expand my game and improve my chances at success.

While I see successful people willing to go to any lengths, I watch most of society unwilling to leave their comfortable surroundings in order to guarantee their success. They use the excuses of time, money, kids, and work so they never solve the problems of time, money, kids and work. Comfort is the great thief of dreams. It robs the individual of new inspiration and new possibilities. In The 10XRule I wrote, “the most successful of people seek freedom while the average person seeks comfort.”

Answer these questions:

  1. Can you grow to the next level from the comforts of your home?
  2. Do the people you work and live with push you?
  3. Are you surrounding yourself with new people and new ideas?

If you answered no to 2 or 3 of these, it might be time to leave the comforts and fixed ideas of home and search out new friends, new inspiration and new strategies.

I have partnered with Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya to deliver a Work Hard Play Hard Success Retreat for their most successful customers. When their guests book a room or suite between June 22-27th, this beautiful all-inclusive resort provides accommodations, food, beverages and four different 10X Seminars with me for free and they have agreed to allow me to extend this offer to my clients.

This is a great opportunity to do what the most successful people do. Spend four days enjoying a beautiful spot in Mexico, while making great new friends and simultaneously devoting time to shaping how you are going to finish your year out and 10X your business, 10X your money, 10X your brand and 10X your life.

Each room is allowed two guests. Rooms start at $399 per room. Again food, drink and access to all four 10X seminars is included. My clients and friends are going to get access to multiple VIP events including dinner, photos and a cigar night. Oh by the way, we are also celebrating my wife, Elena’s, birthday there but don’t tell her.

Whether you come to Mexico or not I encourage you emulate those that are a 1,000 times more successful than you and I combined. Leave home to seek new information, new friends and new strategies to guarantee the life you really want.


Be great, nothing else pays.


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