Follow the Money

You know, in America, anyone can make it. I was a C- level student, below average. But, at 16 years old I made a decision that I would be wealthy. I had no idea how I was going to create wealth for myself I just knew that a life of scarcity was not for me. As I grew older I learned quickly that I needed to move to where the opportunity was. I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana moved to a different city for an opportunity, seized it, saw another one, and moved again. Sure it’s uncomfortable, but successful people do what is uncomfortable to achieve greater comforts later on. So ask yourself, are you ready to make your move for more?

To build true freedom for yourself you must be nimble. You have to change the thinking from, “I can’t leave this city. This is where I’m from, all of my friends and family are here,” to “Where is the opportunity to increase my income and create true freedom for myself and my family?” So many people don’t actually decide where they are living. They allow other people or circumstances to make that decision for them. Why? No one knows your dreams better than you do. Follow them, even if it means to a different city, state or even country.

Look, how you vote doesn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, there’s the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and then there’s my party. My party wants freedom and prosperity regardless of what’s happening with Government. Doesn’t your party want the same? This “follow the money” mantra is what inspired the move of my business and family from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida. California was hammering me on taxes. I had to be nimble to protect my money. You should too!

I urge you to take time to investigate opportunities elsewhere. Maybe it’s an hour or two away. Maybe it’s across the country. Research options and calculate the numbers. If the numbers add up to a larger profit, GO! Ask yourself these questions about your current situation:

  • Am I thinking for myself?
  • Why am I living where I live? Who decided this? Me? My family?
  • For my talent and trade is there better opportunity elsewhere?

Knowing your options opens you up to new possibilities and gets your wheels turning. You become more motivated. You start to see yourself in the future living in a new place reaping the financial rewards. Even if you choose to stay put there are other ways to follow the money. Following the money doesn’t always have to mean changing where you live. Here’s how to follow the money anywhere you are.

  • Make money important. There’s no shame in this.
  • Follow the money within your organization. Where is the money in your company?
  • Be nimble! Maybe you can switch departments, a satellite office, go where you must to get more money.
  • Demand the dough. Make it clear you are interested in earning more and doing more to bring in revenue. No leader in their right mind will tell someone who wants to make them more money to go away.
  • Study the people who make money ethically and intelligently.

Possibility and opportunity are endless to those who never put limits and restraints on themselves. People ask me, “Grant, what’s the biggest thing that holds people back?” One of the highest on the list is the unwillingness to be nimble which keeps people stuck. They end up settling for what is given to them as opposed to creating what it is they want. Follow the money.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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