Netflix Ordered To Stop Advertising. Will They?

Netflix, thanks to a spectacular earnings report, has been crowned the king of the streaming wars. But they’ve been facing some trouble in paradise, thanks to their advertising practices… [...]

Meet The ‘Trendiest’ New… Crime? Refund Fraud.

Part of what makes online shopping so convenient is an easy and efficient return policy. Yet, recently thousands of users have been targeting these policies in refund fraud schemes…. And [...]

Universal Music Group Artists Get Boost From Spotify

In the middle of their dispute with TikTok, Universal Music Group partnered with Spotify to give their artists a better chance of promotion.  What exactly does this new deal cover?  Spotify Gives [...]

Soccer Star Messi Doubles Miami Sport Revenue

Since his welcome to the Inter Miami team, Lionel Messi, widely considered one of the best soccer players in the world… Has more than doubled the Major League Soccer team’s revenue.  But how long [...]

Musk Randomly Gives X Users A Blue Checkmark

Last week, hundreds of X users woke up to find a shiny, new, blue checkmark next to their username… Despite not paying to be verified through a subscription.  Musk suddenly restored free X [...]

How Food Delivery Fees Wrecked Our Wallets

Apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash might’ve sold us on their convenience, but food delivery fees have made the entire process… More of a problem than a solution.  Is food delivery even worth it [...]

Will Google Introduce AI Subscriptions?

After 25 years of their mainline product being free, Google is considering AI subscriptions for some of their recent features… What does this mean for the future of the company and its AI [...]

Pete And Jon Najarian Want You To Get Disciplined

On the last day of the 9th annual Growth Conference, investing brothers Pete and Jon Najarian want you to know that… Investments are some of the best things you could do for your finances… But [...]

Krispy Kreme Coming To A Mcdonald’s Near You

McDonald’s is known for its incredibly recognizable menu: the quarterpounder with cheese, the Happy Meal, and now…  An iconic glazed donut? Now, a deal between McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme means [...]

DoorDash Completes Your Food Delivery Via Drone

The future is often measured by how efficient the latest innovations make our lives. The latest version of this? Fast food delivery drones.  DoorDash is testing out a pilot program of delivery [...]

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