Gen Z Rewrites The Digital Marketing Funnel

Just when we thought we had perfected the digital marketing funnel…  A new generation brings along new technology, new social platforms, and etiquette that changed the game as we know it.  So [...]

The Latest Item Calculating Inflation? Vinyl Records

In this case, the old adage “history repeats itself” might be ringing true. Vinyl records, once considered obsolete, have now become popular enough to track inflation.  Here’s what that means… [...]

How Sleep Tourism Could Wake Up The Hotel Industry

Conventional hotels have been at odds with Airbnb since the industry disruptors broke out onto the scene. Now, hotel chains are coming up with new ways to bring travelers back into their rooms. [...]

Adidas and Kanye Split Costs Brand BIG TIME

Although Adidas and Kanye West dissolved their partnership in 2022, it still negatively affects the brand’s bottom line. But, is it fair to blame the drop in sales entirely on Ye? Well, there are [...]

Boeing’s DANGEROUS Airplane Manufacturing Could Kill Industry

After a series of technical disasters followed by prompt investigations… Boeing’s CEO announced that he would be stepping down. With severe scrutiny over their airplane manufacturing, Boeing is [...]

Ben and Jerry’s Gives Parent Company Cold Shoulder

Last week, Unilever — distributor of hundreds of consumer goods — announced their intent to “spin-off” its ice cream unit. This included brands like Magnum, Talenti, and Ben and Jerry’s. The [...]

Oprah Leaves WeightWatchers Tanking WW Stock

For eight years, Oprah Winfrey was a spokesperson — and major shareholder — for WeightWatchers. However, the Chicago megastar has had a change of heart and is leaving the brand behind. Which has [...]

10 Mistakes Keeping You from Closing Sales

Closing sales is not some mysterious process known only to a select few. It is an extremely teachable and repeatable formula. However, there are definitely mistakes you are making if you are not [...]

The Truth Behind Organized Retail Crime

Last year, it seemed like every large retailer in the country was urging the issue of organized retail crime. Companies cited increased thefts as a reason behind store closures and declining [...]

Do CEO’s EATING HABITS Lead to Success?

Grant endorses the concept of repeating successful actions. He also says to look at what people who’ve made it have done and learn from that. However, we aren’t sure about that with these [...]

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