I’m Going to My 100-Year Birthday Party!

I made a commitment that I am going to my 100-year birthday party — and live even beyond that! Not only that, I have medical proof that I can physically do so. But as you can imagine, that [...]

How to Convert — Even with BAD Marketing

So many entrepreneurs are so afraid of bad marketing that avoid it altogether. They’re more afraid of failing than they are of not trying. In reality, marketing is a more powerful tool than [...]

Starbucks DOMINATES China… But Sells Less Coffee?

Right now, Starbucks fighting to remain the number one java shop in China. Despite ranking second best to competitors in Q2, the megabrand is not going down without a fight. This article examines [...]

Event Prices Rising… Why it Costs MORE to Go Out

Lately, we all have noticed it to a greater or lesser degree… it costs more to go out for a good time. However, the federal government is also noting significant spikes in event prices. More [...]

Elon Musk’s X and NFL Partner Amid Controversy

Recently, Elon Musk’s X has lost advertising from major brands — but the NFL is sticking with the platform. But why is the social media channel formerly known as Twitter the subject of so much [...]

How to Beat Small Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is rising across the nation — both big and small businesses alike are feeling the pressure. Huge names such as Bed Bath and Beyond have been caught in this trap. So what can you do to [...]

SPOOKY YEAR-ROUND! How Spirit Halloween Finds Locations

Spirit Halloween locations are as mysterious and spooky as the season itself. The chain seems to appear out of the darkness and into the bones of abandoned retailers. Despite this, it takes a [...]

What is the Best Industry for YOU?

So many young entrepreneurs ask me, “Grant, what is the best industry to be in?” I believe that everyone can and should be successful. But unfortunately, the answer to that question is not [...]

Tips for Giving Feedback to Employees

Tips for Giving Feedback to EmployeesGiving feedback to employees isn’t always easy — especially when it’s going to be difficult for them to hear. Yet, every entrepreneur must do this to build a [...]

Starbucks Plan to Cut Costs by $3 BILLION

Each morning, many of us heed the siren song from the green and white sign to get our brew of choice. So it is no surprise that Starbucks plans to expand — but they also plan to drastically cut [...]

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