LIVE UPDATES: World-Class Experts on Stage

From January 24-28 and on bonus day 01/31, Grant Cardone and his special guest experts will go LIVE every day for the Unbreakable Business Challenge. And the GCTV Team will be documenting all the [...]

Why I Love Real Estate as a Powerful Tool for Women

Truth be told, I wasn’t always in love with real estate. I knew my husband saw it as a good investment. However, apart from the big picture, I didn’t see the true power of real estate — [...]

10 Rules to Get Your MONEY Right

In this video, I break down my top 10 rules to get your money right… “Save for a rainy day”… “A penny saved is a penny earned.” No rich person ever said these words, and yet – we’ve been [...]

The FIRST Thing You Need to Invest In

On the road to building your empire, what is the first thing you need to invest in? Let me ask you… Are you investing in the right things? Being successful in life requires sacrifice. It means [...]

Why Expand… While Others Contract?

The usual reaction when times get tough is to cut the fat, tighten your belt, and let things go… In other words, to retreat. However, I am going to make the argument that you should expand when [...]

What Is Omnipresence — and How Can It Make You Unbreakable?

Omnipresence is a big word with even bigger connotations. Depending on who you talk to, it is associated with huge entities of the mass media, the government, and the Almighty… For that reason, [...]

So, How Are Those 2023 Resolutions Going?

To many people, the New Year symbolizes a fresh start, doing things differently, and making significant changes. With that in mind, before the clock struck midnight on the last night of 2022, you [...]

Why You Should ALWAYS Be Improving

In this clip, I talk to John C. Maxwell about how your best today won’t solve the problems of tomorrow. We break down why you should always be improving. Have you ever felt like you did your [...]

The TRUTH About the Unbreakable Business Challenge

The Unbreakable Business Challenge is predicted to be the largest online event in history. With a claim that big, you’re probably curious about the who, what, where, when, and why of the whole [...]

How to Build an Invincible Legacy — Starting Today

When thinking about how to build a legacy, all of us are faced with the same two questions… Does your impact on others end when you pass away? Or do you want to leave a legacy that lives on and [...]

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