What You Can Never Delegate

I’m a big fan of delegating things in life to free my time up for what matters most to me. This is why I don’t do things such as mowing my lawn or cleaning my own car—I delegate this type of [...]

Want to Get Started in Real Estate?

Want to Get Started in Real Estate? Ryan Serhant, star of the TV show Million Dollar Listing New York came to my office recently. He’s a real estate agent and last year he did over $800 million [...]

Grant’s Most Revealing Interview Ever

Grant’s Most Revealing Interview Ever…I recently had the honor of going on London Real, and here is just some of what we talked about… Brian Rose: Grant, what do you usually think about [...]

Don’t settle. Have it ALL!

Don’t settle. Have it ALL! I’ve recently been in gorgeous Kona, Hawaii. I have never been here until this past week. There’s a lot of black lava, great food, and tradition. Oh, and perfect [...]