Don’t settle. Have it ALL!

Don’t settle. Have it ALL! I’ve recently been in gorgeous Kona, Hawaii.

I have never been here until this past week.

There’s a lot of black lava, great food, and tradition.

Oh, and perfect sunsets.

If you’ve been following me, you know I came from nothing…so the fact that I’m enjoying this kind of life right now, hanging out in Kona, Hawaii, it’s just incredible.

There are so many opinions out there about what’s possible in life…

Whether you can find the time to have it all, you know—the whole “life balance” thing.

But for me, I decided I don’t want to settle.

Quick backstory:

I grew up in a middle-class family and my grandparents were immigrants.

My Mom and dad grew up in the depression and there was a scarcity mentality in my household.

As I grew into my early 30s and started a business, I traveled coach for the next 20 years, crossing my fingers and hoping each time for an upgrade because I was living with a scarcity mentality.

I thought that if I spent the money on myself for a 1st class ticket, that would be selfish.

More importantly, I was scared.

My whole life illustrated the idea to minimalize your life:

  • to spend less
  • to have less
  • to think smaller

So, anytime I saw people at upscale places like the Four Seasons, I judged them—how could they waste so much money on a hotel room?

The old grant little Grant would settle for the Best Western.

But you know what?

People who stay at the Four Seasons are just living their life.

Don’t settle. Have it ALL!

You can have it all.

My Mom and dad gave me a lot, but they did not give me the idea that you can have it all.

The saving mentality that clips coupons and never splurges, it’ll get you a little money in the bank, but it won’t make you happy because you’re SETTLING.

That’s why those same people will say money won’t make you happy, because they’ve lived like misers to save a million dollars and they’re not happy.

They’re NOT sharing it because they’re afraid of losing what they have.

Should you have it all?

  • Abundant money
  • Freedom from worry
  • Time and health to enjoy it

Comment below if you believe it’s impossible.

I used to believe a person couldn’t have it all that you had to suffer, that you had to struggle and that you had to grind.

No, the reality is you’ve just got to come up with a great plan—and be in the right vehicle.

Make a lot of money, have a lot of fun, and share it.

So, don’t quit on the dream!

The fact you have a dream tells you the dream is real and possible.

The right vehicle means you need to have some opportunity that has margins and volumes.

You must figure out how to monetize.

And if what you have is valuable, people will pay you for it.

People will pay you for strategies and solutions, but they’re not going to pay you for advice.

They might pay a little bit to be entertained, but they’re not going to pay for a lecture.

You see, I’m just lecturing you now—but it’s because I made so many mistakes for so many years.

I used to be the guy saying, save your money. I used to be the guy saying, don’t spend your money…and there is a time and a place for that.

If you’re eating a $200 dinner, you probably don’t need to be.

But, if that $200 dinner gets you around the right people, you should spend the $200.

Minimalism is not the solution to a full life.

Don’t figure out what it costs for one person to operate.

I figured out how I should be operating in my life so I can have it all.

You must think bigger.

I don’t want to have the argument about should you have less or should you have more.

I want to have the argument that you can have it all.

Don’t settle. Have it ALL!

Learn how to have it all at the upcoming 10X Growth Conference

To have it all, you need a real business.

You don’t have to do this on your own, by the way.

That’s arrogant.

I didn’t do it on my own…

And if I’d have had more people involved sooner in my business, I’d be where I am today years sooner.

If you want to get rich and you want to have it all, invest in yourself. 

Money won’t buy you happiness, but it will give you a nice big house in Kona, Hawaii with a beautiful view.

Don’t settle. Have it ALL!

Be great,


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  • Marciel Cruz

    loved this Grant! thank you for the value!

  • Uwe Grünberg

    True words of wisdom!! And dont let your past failures tell you that you cant do it!

  • Gloricel Sobhani

    I agreed ! People need to risk ans spent more to do better .
    Very proud of you and thanks for sharing your inspiring story ‘

  • James Hatten

    Grant I’m 56 years old and have no plan for my future – I need a real business/idea to move me forward. Not sure if you can help but I’m hating where I am in my life right now and have no idea how things will be for me in 5-10 years from now!?

    • David

      Anything real estate related will boost your income. Learn how to be a loan officer, or do wholesale real estate. First things first though, is to read books on improving “You”. IE: How to win friends and influence people, Think And Grow Rich, any book written by Napoleon Hill, or Andrew Carnegie are great starters… you need to work on your mind/attitude on success, because it all starts with your mental attitude. Good luck! It’s never too late – I just started and I’m 52.

    • Aaron K.

      @James Hatten: Think about the things which brought you joy when you were a teenager. Then, think about the skills you have that people will pay you for. Finally, look for problems people have that call for solutions using your skills and experience in an area that you enjoy thinking/reading/talking about. The idea and business plan will come to you so long as you offer value to others from the start, so start now! Try not to get hung up on your age. I’m nearing 50 and I have ideas and plans on how I’m going to start/grow a business in investing in cryptocurrencies. As Grant would say, be great – and good luck to you!

  • Gloricel Sobhani

    agreed ! People need to risk ans spent more to do better .
    Very proud of you and thanks for sharing your inspiring story ‘

  • Heather Walker

    I have it all in my heart and mind and my number one priority is my children. My intensions are to have it all financially and I will, there is no doubt about it.

    I also come from a family that came from nothing and has a different mindset, when it comes to being an entrepreneur and also what I’m doing for my children.

    I’m the only divorced one in my family, I’m not at the same job for 40 years, I tried to get my parents to invest in your real estate instead of meeting with a financial advisor for their 401k.

    In summary, I get it and I will get there, but my children come first and justice trumped money last week in court for my family after 7 years.

    There is a lot of money in the world, I am preaching to the choir. I have and am doing the best I can and always will because this is how God built me.

    I am going to be doing a video campaign for 💯 Dogs and also asking these dog owners for donations for the hurricane. If you have resources you are sending out there to help, will you please help the dogs too.

    I look forward to your response.

    Best regards,
    Heather Walker

  • Sam Goldfarb

    Nice approach to life

  • Paul Potts

    I do believe you can have it all, but we have been taught and brain washed that we can’t. The biggest hurdle is our own mind. Walt Kelly stated and I am paraphrasing “I have have seen the enemy and the enemy is me”. Once you have the mindset similar to GC you can be limitless. I read that people say that GC can say this now because he is closing in on being a billionaire. BS…you can have it all once you find the right grove and situation (vehicle). Once you find the 10X in you, then life will begin and you will find the have it all life. @paulgpottts

  • Shannon Wilson

    Grant, Oh boy did I have a huge reality shift this weekend. I was so upset about one particular thing, and this is rare for me. Damn it Grant, that was so ridiculous. After the situation was confronted and handled, I’m like damn, this person I am dealing directly with is working to handle many things in a more pan-determined way. Just like you, not looking at things from a small, how do I get ahead think. You look at things like how can we all get ahead and operate much larger than this smallness that so often is going on in peoples lives. I’ve been a participant and a fan of your teachings for Years. Keep right on going and making it known, I appreciate all of it. I listened to closing techniques for an hour this morning. Thanks Dude

  • Luis Pino

    so very true Grant, your always inspiring….. dream it, do it & live it !

  • Jeremy Tan

    Thank you, Grant. You’re a generous person.

  • Anis

    I don’t have any cash so far, especially for others, I hope to get a “G. Cardone Grant” to be able to participate in the Real Estate Business at Cardone Capitol and invite Uncle GC Investment in Indonesia.

  • Karen

    Grant and your strong Wife have been an inspiration to me. I give credit where credit is due and the relationship you two show us is a huge problem part of your successful valuable life.
    You matter and you found a way. No excuses!! Love and feminine energy to you both 💃🏻🙌🏼✌🏼⭐️🔥

  • Bill

    Thanks again…. Inspiration is a major key to moving a head. Alot people say “I DONT WANT THE FLUFF!” I believe without the fluff you get the rough. I want more – To help more….My wife always says….IF we want more money we know we have to go help more people. We help help people to get want they want -and we get what we want.
    Then I love it when people say, “Money isn’t all its cracked up to be” – And I say Then you must be broke!
    Have more money is a great thing. SOOOOOO we can help more people!

  • Dash

    Beautiful article.. have faith and keep moving forward

  • Jain Mathew

    Lovely! Sweet article

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