Work to Your Potential, Not Your Quota

Work to your potential, NOT your quota! If you want to stay really motivated. If you want an answer to the question “why do people that have already made it keep pushing?” It is because they don’t operate on quotas, they operate off potential. They’re driven to reach their potential.

This is also tied to their ethical obligation. They know what they’re capable of. Nobody can tell you what you are capable of. You’re the only one that knows. So work to your potential, not your quota. Quotas are numbers. Who made them up? Some guy says, “OK, your quota is blah-blah.” Based on what? How did he come up with that quota? He only picked that quota, that number because he thinks it is significant compared to other people in your industry.

Look, don’t operate on quotas. You want them. Clearly, you want them; but you want to be driven to reach your potential, not just some number. Hey, my potential, I know it. Nobody else knows it. I know what it is. You know yours.

Work to your potential not just a quota and I promise you, you will be on fire day and night!

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