Get in a Mastermind Group of Winners

Get in a mastermind group. Surround yourself with winners.

Get in a group of people that meet at least once a week that are winners not sinners. People that want to expand and blow up. They want to do live up to their potential. They want to operate on their duty and their obligation.

Surround yourself with winners. Look, if I could take your 5 best friends and see what their body weight is, how their marriage is and what their net worth is, I’ll bet you at least two of these three conditions would match those of your life. Probably your body weight, probably your financial condition and probably the condition your marriage is in. At least 2 of the 3 of those is going to be exactly what your 5 best friends – your group, your buddies are.

You don’t need buddies, you need winners around you. You need to surround yourself with a mastermind group. Once a week you meet and hope that you outgrow these guys as quick as you possibly can and then you go get another group of players.

Look, you don’t want to keep the same friends you’ve had your whole life. I had a buddy tell me, “Me and Gus here, we’ve been buddies since we were 3-years old.” Dude, you’re complaining, right? You understand this is a problem – having childhood friends.

I know you think it is a big deal but look, you need some new friends. You need some new winners. You need to be reaching up. You need to go grab people that know more, have done more, have more, are creating more, and are dreaming bigger than you are. Those people can teach you so much. They’ll be fuel, motivation and inspiration for you tomorrow and going forward.

Get in a mastermind group!

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