Why Don’t People Buy?


Why does someone drive to your retail showroom, call you, or hit your website and then not buy? There are buyer types and there are common reasons people don’t buy.

You could have one or a combination of the following: they’re not qualified; they can’t disclose information due to personal issues; they’re not decision makers; they’re not ready; they don’t have enough information; they’re just not prepared to buy; they’re on the wrong product; you don’t know what they need; timing is wrong. It’s your job to find out which type of buyer they are and the real why so you know how to handle them in your follow-up.

There are five types of buyers. Always know what type of buyer you are dealing with when following up. I don’t believe in personality types. I can operate like all 12 of the zodiac signs.

Likewise, I can be all five types of buyers. Any buyer can be any of these at any given time:

#1 The Need Buyer—They have an immediate problem to solve. This is the main reason people buy anything—to solve a problem. This customer just had their plumbing break. It’s urgent. They don’t want information, they need a solution. “Get this water off my floor and I’ll pay you anything!”

#2 The Bargain Hunter—This is the person who is always looking for a deal. It has to be a “special”, it’s got to be inexpensive, and somebody has to lose money in order for this person to be happy.

#3 The Impulse Buyer—This is the person who may appear disinterested most of the time, but suddenly they decide they want it and they want it now.

#4 The Wanderer—He’s just killing time, maybe the wife is going shopping so he wanders from department to department aimlessly.

#5 The Habitual/Seasoned Buyer—They buy on cycles. They have to have things at certain times. Maybe every 2 years they want a car or every six to seven years a house.

It’s your job to decipher which type of buyer you are dealing with and treat them accordingly. I will use a different closing strategy with a Bargain Hunter than I will a Need Buyer. No matter which type of buyer you are dealing with, remember that customers don’t make sales, salespeople do. You will either make or break the sale. It’s your job to create trust with your customer.


You must know how buyers think. When you are a salesperson you are in the arena of handling people, not just selling mere products. When sales are off most salespeople blame their customers. When you turn responsibility over to another person, it’s an indication of a very low level of responsibility, and low responsibility will result in low levels of production.

You need to analyze today why people aren’t buying from you. Which of the 5 types of buyers are you most often dealing with? Do you have a strategy to deal with every buyer type? What is their real objection? I want to help you. Get on Cardone University today and I will massively increase your sales. It’s just $199 for a very limited time.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

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