Success Rewards Preparation


Always, always, always be prepared. Nowhere else is this truer than in the world of sales. Be prepared for EVERY possible question, objection, stall, obstacle, delay, and customer question possible. Every time I ever hear something new from a client that I have not heard before, I write it down and then in my private time I prepare a number of responses that I can use in the future to help me handle that situation the next time I hear it.

I’ll never forget a young boy who came door-to-door in my neighborhood to sell some kind of amazing organic cleaner. I was busy with some projects at my home office one morning when he came. Frustrated, I stopped what I was doing and opened the door. The kid was cold-calling pitching household cleaners—tough gig! I was busy and didn’t have any interest and told him so.

As I shut the door on him he looked at me, smiled, and said, “I understand, Boss. Just give me sixty seconds to show you what it can do.” As he’s telling me this he drops to his knees and starts to put the cleaner on a stained stone at the door. He looks at me and says, “I’m out here getting doors slammed in my face just hoping that if I work hard enough I can live like you one day!” The next thing you know I was paying him $200 for a product I had no interest in five minutes earlier.

He closed me because he was prepared, which allowed him to move into his presentation, demonstrate his product, and then close. Be prepared so that you ALWAYS have a response. If you march into any battle without the proper troops, supplies, ammunition, and staying power, you will be defeated. If you are one of those people who thinks they are going to successfully sell just because of your natural abilities and is unwilling to train and prepare, you will not make it as a salesperson.

Most companies fail not because they stay on the offensive but because they don’t properly prepare themselves for expansion and cannot dominate the sector. Be constantly prepared for success so that you can grab the opportunity when it comes along! Luck is just one of the byproducts of those who take the most action and are the most prepared.

If you were giving a press conference to the world, you’d practice what you were going to say. You’d consider how your talk would be perceived and the effect that it might create before you’d go out in front of the world with it. You have to do the same thing to prepare yourself to become a professional closer.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. I spent 17 years getting a formal education that was to prepare me for the world—and not one course was on success. You need to prepare for success. Be careful though not to prepare so much you don’t action. Preparation can merely be an excuse for those who haven’t trained properly—and who use it as a reason to justify their last-minute reluctance to take action. People need to take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and just make the call. Last-minute preparation is just another way to feed a fear that will only get stronger as time is added.

“No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.”

You have to prepare and train in order to hit any big goal. This is why I’m doing a Mastering Objections live webcast. If you don’t train—you will be caught unprepared and you will lose sales. When you register today, you get my brand new, never-released 50+ page Mastering Objections eBook, 15 master training videos on closes, you get access to a never-before-seen video of me personally handling objections in the Boiler Room, a 125+ page Rebuttal ebook and exclusive access to my next webinar Mastering Objections FREE—limited spaces available.

Be great,

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