What I Do & Not What I Say

Pay attention to what I do & not what I say. Grant was recently interviewed by Jay Fantom of ‘The Story Box’ Podcast, a platform for people to share experiences and stories which can change lives by inspiring, motivating, and influencing others. 


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During their conversation Grant talked about the different aspects of success and that what you do and what you say have the power to change  life. Here are some of the highlights:


  • What does success look like?


…success is the difference from where I am to where I am able to get to. It’s not necessarily the material things, achievements, or net worth – it’s what can I do next. It’s really about reaching your full potential and finding the next version of you.


  • Where did this idea of success come from?


…when I was 10 my father passed away so I didn’t get to spend much time with him but I looked up to him – I wanted to be like him. When he passed my mother was very cautious with money and I can see that she was always worried since there was no income coming in. It was then that I realized that I don’t want to see my family clipping coupons and living with fear of not having money. To me success is a part of having freedom, freedom allows you to do and have whatever you want. I made a commitment to become successful in all aspects of my life so I can do and have what I want and help people. 

What I Do & Not What I Say

“I don’t want to just help my two daughters and my wife and my sister and my brother. I want to help a lot of people, that will make me really happy.” – Grant


“If you have the ability to give back, don’t be selfish,  be selfless, that’s a powerful tool for people” – Jay 


  • What is a leader to you?


…there are so many variations of leadership and the followers play a major role in the leader’s success. Leaders do not accomplish the mission, leaders inspire the mission, lead the mission, guide the mission, set the ethics in the environment. To me success is ethical, not financial, it’s a duty. A leader is someone I want to follow. 

What I Do & Not What I Say

These are just a few of insights that Grant shared with Jay but you can hear the full interview on The Story Box Podcast when you click the link below.





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