What Does YOUR Future Look Like?

Surround your environment with the images of the things you want in the future.
Look, you don’t have it now. You don’t need pictures of what you got now and what you had in the past. It’s keeping you stuck in now and the past. You don’t want to be in the now or the past. Look, the now is what? It’s the past now! You get it? I want to be in the future.

What is motivation? Motivation is not about what happened – the trophy you got three years ago or 10 years ago. It’s not about the kids you had 20 years ago. It’s about the kids you’re going to have next or the trophy you’re going to get next. The vacation you haven’t taken or the place you haven’t been yet or the bank account that you could only imagine.

So what you want to do is keep images, physical images around you of what you want in your future. But have it in your environment. And that doesn’t mean your office has got a bunch of stuff all over the walls. But it could be on your computer, it could be at home or it could be in your goals book or it could be in a book maybe you look at once or twice a day. Maybe you’ve got a special place for it or maybe you actually collect these images everyday.

Keep images of what you want in the future in your environment now. It will motivate you to achieve them.

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