Turn $3000 into Billions in Real Estate

Nowadays, everyone thinks that investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other assets is all the rage. Let me tell you something, the only investment I’ve ever made that allowed me to turn $3000 into Billions is real estate.


Yes, that’s Billion with a B. It’s not even an investment that was started in the last five years or so, either. I started investing in real estate over 20+ years ago. Now, I’m going to tell you the whole story…


I knew that I wanted to grow and multiply my money. I tried investing in everything I could, but every choice was either too risky or didn’t provide me with enough money. So, I backed out of these investments and focused on the ONE cash flow machine that would generate recurring passive income every month. So here’s what I did…


I got committed, made a goal, and stuck with it. I decided to learn all about real estate, properties bought with debt, how to manage tenants and all the various aspects of real estate that would help me reach my end goal.


At first, single-family homes were at the top of my list, but I quickly realized that the money certainly wasn’t in those properties. It was time-consuming and didn’t give me the money I wanted, so I sold them all and moved on.


After years of searching for a better investment opportunity, I started buying apartments no smaller than 32 units in areas with positive migration. That way, I knew I would always have tenants and a consistent source of income each month.

Apartment Buildings


Next, I brought on a partner to help me manage the deals. I gave him a piece of the upside, and he helped me manage the properties as if they were his own. Then, I found a property manager to lease out my properties and handle all the money from every property.


Since I was leasing many income-producing properties, it was essential to keep an eye on the market and work with brokers who had access to data that I didn’t.


I spent the next fifteen years buying bigger and better deals and focused on building my income. Eventually, I moved out of California to Florida. I focused on the South East Market instead, where I ended up closing on a $58M deal!


Here’s where the game started to get good. I was raising money through Cardone Capital to give my followers access to Wall Street Grade deals. And, since then, I have grown about $700M, I own almost 10,000 units, and my real estate investment portfolio is valued at 3 billion dollars.

The reality is, it doesn’t take much to get started in real estate investing. I took the $3000 I had and turned it into $3,000,000,000 within about 20 years. Just imagine how much money you could make in a single lifetime.


I’m excited to share with you step-by-step how to invest in real estate in my upcoming LIVE Webinar. You will learn how to find and buy deals, negotiate deals, underwrite deals, buy deals with little to no money, use your debt for deals, and so much more. 


This FREE training has invaluable, life-changing information that you can start implementing right away. Learn how to make secure, passive income for the rest of your life.


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