How To Turn $100 To $5.5 Million In 90 Days

No cash, no name, no social media following, no hair, no phone contacts. I’m gonna show you how to turn $100 to $5.5 million dollars in 90 days without any of those things and how possible it is.

This is not to brag about money but rather what you can achieve once you understand the process. The process is much simpler than you think!

But –  to conquer this kind of goal takes COMMITMENT. If you’re not willing and you’re not committed, this won’t work.

I told myself by accepting the Undercover Billionaire challenge of building a 7-figure business from scratch in 90 days, I had to have the confidence, certainty and commitment to do this. It’s no walk in the park to be stripped of everything you have to start over from the beginning BUT I used the strategies that work and replicated it to show you that, yes, it can be done.

I originally had a target of $5.7 million dollars by the end and I finished with $5.5 million instead. I set a big goal because I am THAT sure of myself and the systems and processes I use everyday.

This goes to show you that anyone can do it. Even with zero followers on social media – no investors and no money. I was unbearably motivated to build a business from scratch in 90 days using my own resources and following the systems that work every day.

Turn $100 To $5.5 Million In 90 DaysReverse Engineer Your Goal

What do you want to achieve?

Do you need that $1 million dollars to launch your project or are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and working 60 hours a week for an annual salary of $30k?

If it’s the former, then forget everything I say because you’ll never become the best in your field if you have that kind of mentality.

If you want to work smarter instead of harder, then let me show you how I did it so that you can become the Undercover Billionaire too!

In my several decades as an entrepreneur, I learned through hard knocks about what works and what doesn’t. If you simply follow the systems that work and apply it, you can achieve the same.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – you only need to study and understand what works for YOU. You need to reverse engineer your goal, by breaking down each step so that it’s an actionable task.

So, let’s do some math:

Year 1 Scenario: 10 Buyers Pay $2,500 Each x 12 Months = $300K

Year 3 Scenario: 25 Buyers Pay $5,000 Each x 12 Months = $1,500,000

Year 5 Scenario: 50 Buyers Pay $10,000 Each x 12 Months = $6,000,000

If you decide to exit your business and someone is willing to pay up to 4x more that revenue, you could have a $24 million dollar business up for sale.

It’s that easy. Figure out what your target goal is, figure out a price per person and how many people need to buy that service for you to reach your goal.

Remember, even if you fall short on your goal, you’ll still be further ahead than you were at the start.

The bigger the commitment, the bigger the payoff.

Turn $100 To $5.5 Million In 90 Days

Now, I want you to commit to yourself and your goals. I want you to put your foot down and make a commitment to yourself to do better because you deserve it. The 10X Workshop I put together will help you create a roadmap to achieving your own successful business from scratch. No skills. No money. No contacts. Nothing needed except for you and a willingness to work. You with me? Register for the 10X Workshop here to start building your business.


Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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