Top 6 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

This is the toughest environment in 50 years to get a job in, so you better get your best game on if you’re going to make it happen. Many people are saying “no one is hiring,”but those are the same people who either don’t want it bad enough or just don’t want competition for their current position.
Here are my 6 tips to not only land you a job, but the job you want.

1. Decide you’re going to get a job and eliminate all other options.
Treat unemployment benefits like the plague and a non-option. Unemployment benefits will not prove beneficial to you in the future as they will ultimately destroy your job prospects going forward.

2. Spend more time replacing the lost job than you spent at the job you lost!
Take the attitude that getting a job is your job and if you have to spend 50 hours a week doing so, do it!

3. A Job is Better than NO Job.
Even if you have to take something you consider “beneath you,” it’s better to stay connected in the workforce with less pay than disconnected from the workforce with unemployment benefits! (Refer to #1)

4. Disregard all the talk that no one is hiring!
There are always companies looking for productive, solution-oriented people that can help their company grow. While there are 16 million people without work, most companies have not gone out of business. Have the attitude that you WILL find a job and stay away from other unemployed people as they are likely to contaminate your attitude.

5. Do NOT rely on your resume.
While it needs to be current and list all of your accomplishments, do not rely on it to land your job — it won’t! Companies don’t hire resumes they hire people. People who can help move the company forward. A resume will not get you a job!

6. Do NOT rely on others to get you your next job.
Headhunters and recruiters are representing many people, and no one is going to present you better than you will. Go into this endeavor with the belief that you are the ONLY one that will make this happen!

If you apply these tips exactly as they are written, I assure you that no matter the economy, you will be employed.

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