Focus on Opportunities

Successful people see all situations, even problems and complaints as opportunities, while others see only difficulty and problems. The successful know that problems solved = products sold, services delivered, customers gained – and financial success.
You can’t succeed without encountering some kind of difficulty or challenge; however, as long as you persist through the challenge until you resolve it, you’ll be rewarded. And the bigger the problem is, the bigger the reward.

When a problem exists for the entire market and all the people in it, it becomes an equalizer and the individual becomes the differentiator. The only person who stands out is the opportunity-focused individual who is willing to focus on the opportunity not the problem.

These people are able to use the issue at hand to separate themselves and dominate the marketplace. There are countless situations that most tend to see as setbacks and nothing else; recessions, unemployment, housing predicaments, banks tightening, the credit challenged, conflict, customer complaints, and company shutdowns, to name a few. If you can learn to see these as opportunities instead of problems, you’ll continually come out on top.

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