To Succeed Put Lots of Points On The Board

World cup soccer is getting a lot of attention these days and it got me thinking how in soccer, you can win with a 1-0 score. Just one point on the board can actually result in a win. It doesn’t work that way in life, business and finance. Unlike soccer, to succeed in life, you must rack up as many points on the board as possible or you can get caught off guard and end up short. Here are 4 things successful people do to keep winning.
As a starting point, you must stay on the offense all day, everyday, 24/7. The only time to play defense at all is to get the ball back so you can get on offense again!

  1. Aim High! If you are shooting for one point, you’ll be lucky to make one. If you aim for 10 points, you just might hit two or three. In life, one of the biggest failings is being content or comfortable with “just enough.” That will backfire when the inevitable unexpected setback comes up. Keep pushing for as many points as you can.
  2. Use a planning tool. Write down your goals and plan your time each day. I created the 10X Planner in the format I use myself, to provide a solution that will keep you focused on your big goals, set your mind right about time and how much you truly can accomplish each day. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done and how fast.
  3. Pack the day. I love a packed schedule with no white space on my calendar. It keeps me motivated and excited to accomplish tasks as quickly as possible. The time in between should be broken down into 15 minute increments. No one else will respect your time until you do.
  4. Get crazy obsessed with setting and accomplishing goals. Writing down goals at the start and finish of each day is key to success. Once you are truly committed to your big monster goals, it becomes all you think about, talk about and focus on.

I really believe everyone can and should commit to achieving greatness in all areas of their lives. The key is setting huge, crazy, goals getting real about how much effort is required and then going for it every day. That’s how you keep adding points on the board, remain on offense and dominate.

Be great, nothing else pays.


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