To Succeed Put Lots of Points On The Board

World cup soccer is getting a lot of attention these days and it got me thinking how in soccer, you can win with a 1-0 score. Just one point on the board can actually result in a win. It doesn’t work that way in life, business and finance. Unlike soccer, to succeed in life, you must rack up as many points on the board as possible or you can get caught off guard and end up short. Here are 4 things successful people do to keep winning.
As a starting point, you must stay on the offense all day, everyday, 24/7. The only time to play defense at all is to get the ball back so you can get on offense again!

  1. Aim High! If you are shooting for one point, you’ll be lucky to make one. If you aim for 10 points, you just might hit two or three. In life, one of the biggest failings is being content or comfortable with “just enough.” That will backfire when the inevitable unexpected setback comes up. Keep pushing for as many points as you can.
  2. Use a planning tool. Write down your goals and plan your time each day. I created the 10X Planner in the format I use myself, to provide a solution that will keep you focused on your big goals, set your mind right about time and how much you truly can accomplish each day. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done and how fast.
  3. Pack the day. I love a packed schedule with no white space on my calendar. It keeps me motivated and excited to accomplish tasks as quickly as possible. The time in between should be broken down into 15 minute increments. No one else will respect your time until you do.
  4. Get crazy obsessed with setting and accomplishing goals. Writing down goals at the start and finish of each day is key to success. Once you are truly committed to your big monster goals, it becomes all you think about, talk about and focus on.

I really believe everyone can and should commit to achieving greatness in all areas of their lives. The key is setting huge, crazy, goals getting real about how much effort is required and then going for it every day. That’s how you keep adding points on the board, remain on offense and dominate.

Be great, nothing else pays.


  • Margareth says:

    Grant I agree with all these points but I need to correct something here. I am not a soccer fanatic, and in this world cup only watched a few games, But it was clear to me why German won in the end. They were consistently going for goal witness the Brazil game which they won 7-1. The one goal they scored in the final match was not a true reflection of how well they played. They were on the offensive from start to finish while Argentina mainly defended, so I was not surprised that German won. They created a lot more chances for themselves compared to Argentina. In other words they actually applied all the points you mentioned in this article. 1. Aim High – They shot at many goals, but only accomplished one. 3 Pack the day – again they did that but attacking more. Am sure points 2 and 4 were in there, but as spectators we only saw 1 and 3 – and in the news you only hear that Germany won by 1-0.
    So your article is absolutely spot on for success, and I am applying these points – the soccer example….uuuhhmmmmm

  • Dave says:

    Really Alberto!? You follow Grant, read is tips on success and yet you still show up here trash talking successful people. This is not the place to express your political opinions. This is a place for ALL people to come and learn how to be the best they can be from a guy who has taken life head on and learned how to win. Find another place to spew your negative crap…

  • Michael Ballero says:

    Great pointers Grant! Keep them rolling!

  • Frank Lewandusky says:

    Be great. Nothing else pays! Love that saying.

  • Charlie Adamson says:

    At the end of the day did taking the time to write that make you feel better ? Or bring you closer to success ? Because the reason you would receive emails is because your looking for the inspiration to thrive to be better . And if you look at the big picture he really only said one thing about winning with one point and just pointing out that in life you need as many points as you can get to become somebody who is successful and financially free . So before you bring negativity to everyone’s day please take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if your doing everything you can be doing to move forward not backward . Have a phenomenal day .

  • jad says:

    Good point, in soccer you just need one oppotunity and you are done while in life you have to multiply the efforts and attempts, i think a soccer is a good exemple for inspiration but life is the place where you can pratice more.The challenge is how you can get people to fell this way, so they can act properly and more positively,some internal communications need to take place within the person and then everything will show to the surface……..

  • Charlie Adamson says:

    Thank you for the pointers as we’ll GC I Have a girlfriend who has a 5 year old and I do my absolute best day in and day out to provide for them and live comfortably . I’m 24 years old and I’m the strongest salesman at one of the largest motorcycle dealerships in Southern California Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach . I find myself relaxing a little to much because I am one of the top guys and getting your emails inspire me to pick it up once again . You are a big inspiration to where I want to be by age 30 . Make it a phenomenal day and nothing less ! -Charlie Adamson

  • Erick Fornos says:

    Thank you for this 4 pointers, i feel good at the end of my day when I feel I was productive, I can sleep better.

  • disqus_a4Uonj1mN5 says:

    Grant, obviously you have no idea what it takes to win (in soccer)….. Pick any other sport you may have played (at least at a H.S. level)….. Do not become the “Ann Coulter” of soccer discussions . . . . with all due respect. Alberto Garza 😉

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