Every year the USA celebrates its freedom and independence by going to the beaches, barbecues and shooting off fireworks.

In a country known for being “the land of the free” the reality is, most people are not free! It also doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled to freedom. Let’s face it; the only way to have real freedom is to create massive success.  Freedom must be created.

Freedom includes stable income, increasing income, and ultimately multiple flows of income that result in wealth. While it seems that everyone should have freedom the reality is 48 million people in this country depend on government subsidies just to exist month to month. The average American only makes enough money to save 4% of their total income. That is 10X short of what it would take to create wealth and financial freedom.

Real life is not the National Anthem, a commercial, a poem or a song. Life is hard, brutal and many times unfair.

If you are at a job you hate, you aren’t free. If your job or income depends on the economy you are not free. If you don’t have enough customers in your pipeline and a weekend storm screws up your month, you are not free. If you lack the ability to stay motivated you are not free. If you are a manager and can’t find great people who are motivated how free are you really?

Most people don’t know any more about freedom than how to spell it and are doing even less to guarantee it. Just because you are an American, doesn’t you are guaranteed freedom.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you created a plan for freedom, much less one that involved creating wealth?  If you haven’t done so in the last seven days, there is a very good chance you won’t achieve it.

Having real freedom requires a tremendous commitment to a different level of life. This is what the 1% know that others don’t know. The rich aren’t working for money, they are striving for freedom. They want control over their time and freedom from financial worries. They invest to have the ability to go, do and say what they want without penalty.

Make a commitment to your freedom today:

  1. You and only you are responsible for your freedom.
  2. Freedom is something you have to create everyday.
  3. Sacrifice comfort for freedom.

Freedom is not just an American theme, it is something that every man and woman should have, but is not guaranteed. Freedom isn’t free.  It requires commitment, sacrifice, discipline and a plan.

Wishing you Happy Independence Day!

Be great nothing else pays (much)!

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  • Kucan&Clark Partners

    1000% correct! Until one has really felt the rock bottom of absolute debt (moving my family in with my MOTHER IN LAW with her comments that I should find a real job – to now banking 50K per month flipping homes in San Diego county) one will never know what slavery or freedom really is…

  • Frank Lewandusky

    This article is how I feel a lot of the time. Everything is trying to hold me down. I need to get a above it all financially. Then no one can stop me.

  • Donnie Troy

    Who wants to join me and helping people to free themselves from chains and bonds of bad debt, taxes, and overspending? We are doing something special here and are looking for people who believe in what Grant Cardone believes in!!!! Lets gooo… call me 413-281-2057

  • Hannah Goodall

    Until people go through enough pain to make them change they have their blinkers on always wanting to be fed on whats left instead of bringing home the bacon first, Freedom takes time effort and commitment you hit the nail on the head more people need to take the blinkers off for a second look at the reality that most people are not living their dreams they are working for someone else who is working theirs!

    Amazing as always Mr Grant Cardone.

    Thank you for your commitment to help others.


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