They Party. You Dominate.

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect, but it also is the second biggest selling weekend of the year. How big will this weekend be for you and your company? Do you have all the tools in place to capitalize on the increased traffic? A lot of businesses are unprepared and won’t capitalize on the opportunity. They will just sell on price and give gross away. Do not let your people rely on the “sale price” to close transactions for you. memorialday-ad-homepage To make the most of this big weekend you need to do what the great salespeople do: 1. Be Assertive: Great salespeople never depend on the economy for their results, they depend on their actions—not even their talent, but their actions only. They certainly don’t blame the bad times when the economy is stagnant. Great salespeople create their economy—they never rely on the economy they live in. Economic conditions go back and forth from good to bad. Elect to create your own economy. Rely on your actions and never ever rely on sale prices. 2. Think Long-Term: Great salespeople want to create clients for a lifetime. They know a passionate customer is worth more than a paycheck. If they sell John they know that John has uncles, aunts, friends, co-workers, cousins—they know that John is worth more than just one deal. The greats look to multiply. They are with one customer at a time, but they are not just thinking about one customer—they think about lots of customers. Every client is potentially multiple sales. This weekend you’ll have lots of traffic, now is the time to get referrals. 3. Be Hungry: Great salespeople stay hungry, act hungry and tell people they are hungry. They are humble—not arrogant. Some people get all good and get all cocky and arrogant saying things like, “I can’t tell people I need it,” or, “I can’t tell people I want their business”. You will lose the fight even if you are better than the other person in the ring because you aren’t hungry enough. You lose your hunger and you are done. The greats never settle, regardless of how many trophies and victories they have. While everyone else is relaxing this weekend, now is the time to take market share. Make this a record weekend. If you want to stock up on some great training material, get a t-shirt, some balls, or some mp3’s to listen to on your commute—I told my staff to blow out everything up to 95% off for this Memorial Day weekend only. Get in while supplies last. Be great, GC

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