When Will You Become a Millionaire?

Look, Millionaire is the new middle-class. It’s time to get your money right. Things are changing fast. Would you borrow a million dollars to become a millionaire? Would you invest $1m to become a millionaire? This Saturday at 11 AM EST I am delivering a LIVE one-time event codifying the routes on How You Can Become a Millionaire NOW. Will you do Whatever It Takes and join me? The fact is to become a millionaire now you have to become great in sales. The speed at which you can become a millionaire depends on how great of a salesperson you are. How great are you? Here are 4 characteristics all the greats have: 1. High Standards—Great salespeople hold themselves to performance standards higher than normal. They don’t compare themselves to others. They push themselves internally. Think Roger Banister and the 4-minute mile. Be great and look at the norms—the stats and the metrics—and see what you can do to be better than that. 2. Hungry—Great Salespeople are never satisfied and push themselves to the next level of production. Don’t let the mediocre convince you to be satisfied. Keep reaching. Compare to your potential—not others or the past. Think about what’s next. Don’t care about what others are doing or achieving. You have a personal responsibility to achieve your potential. Good is not good enough for the greats. They don’t want to compete. They want to dominate. 3. Loyal—Great salespeople protect and guard their clients like gold. The customers are everything. The greats protect them like their lives depend on it. This content, this valuable resource of numbers and data are under lock and key because they know that contacts become contracts. Businesses are built on people. The greats protect their customers like money. Why? Because they are. 4. Persistent—Great salespeople never give up on unsold clients. They are certain that someday they will become clients. This takes work—it’s difficult. Start thinking like the greats do. They keep investing time despite the difficulties in doing so. Follow-up on those lost sales so you too can be great. There are many more traits of great salespeople—these are just a few of them. To become truly great, you need to master them all. If you want to become a millionaire, then get great at sales. Once again, this Saturday at 11 AM EST I am delivering a LIVE one-time event codifying the routes on How You Can Become a Millionaire NOW. I look forward to you being there. Be great, GC How to Become a Millionaire NOW - Grant Cardone

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