The Three Kinds Of Money

If you’re money motivated, hustling, grinding and treating success as your duty, responsibility and obligation, then you have to get honest about your money.
Cash is king and sales is God and in this week’s strategy, I’m bringing you the three kinds of money you need to know about, along with some tools to help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Most sales people and companies don’t have enough income because they don’t know enough about money. One of the major reasons for missing sales quotas is improper financial planning. If you’re committed to financial freedom and I mean real freedom, then you first have to understand there are three kinds of money:

  1. Scared Chicken Money
  2. Grow Up Money
  3. Baller Money

Scared Chicken Money

is the money sitting in your bank account or pocket that you are afraid to put to work. I was going to call this ‘bitch money’ but didn’t want to offend any of our corporate clients. For those of you out there who save every dollar and squeeze a quarter so tight that the eagle on it could fly, understand that scared money can’t grow up because you have it in prison. Holding onto money, being a miser or Scrooge is going to prevent you from getting new money. You have to take risk in order to add to the pile, my friend.

Grow Up Money is money that is being reinvested in yourself or your business. When I was 25 years old I was just making money, stacking it and the only money I spent was on making me better. I wouldn’t spend any money on my car or where I lived but if it made me better at my job, I would invest that money.

This was so I could grow stronger in my own personal confidence. I knew that one day I would see an opportunity but if I was uncertain of my ability to create new income, I would not be able to take advantage of the opportunity. When money starts growing up it matures and starts paying others to do the things you are not paid to do. If you are a sales person making $150,000 grow up and quit doing jobs someone else will do for $15.

Baller Money is for those that are in a position make big bets. Clang-clang you can hear them coming from blocks away. These people have total confidence in how they position themselves in life. Not because they are cocky, but because they threw down and it paid off.

Baller money has nothing to do with what your drive or the shoes you wear. Baller money is when you start making big time investments that change your life forever. There are lots of rich people that will never see “baller money” because their “grow up” money went back to being “scared money.”

When you first start making money the tendency is to want to protect it. But scared money can’t grow up. The purpose of money is not to make you safe, it’s to give you choices. To get the courage to move into “grow up” money status, you must read, listen and study those who have gone from “scared money” to “baller money.”  Learn from this.

There’s no shortage of money on this planet, just a shortage of people with courage. If you have less money than talent, then there is something you don’t understand. It doesn’t take money to make money; it takes courage. If you are short on courage, it’s time you start building your personal certainty so that you start taking more risk.

So what’s it going to be? You going to act scared and end up retiring with everything you ever made but not enough to really live life? Opportunity will come and the question is, will you be ready?

Get my “Grant on the Go MP3 Package.” It is designed to get you financially, emotionally and mentally confident enough to pull the trigger and get your “baller money.”  Where you go, I go. Listen at the gym, on a run, on your way to work or even fall asleep listening to my tips.

I want to help you – do you want to help you?


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