Handle Your Haters

Hopefully your productivity this week has been so huge that others couldn’t help but take notice of you. If you’re even slightly disappointed with your results, you have not surrendered to the “average” plague scorching our planet.

If you are rocking, the haters are coming your way and you must be prepared. If you aren’t killing it the way you should be, the haters have already gotten to you and you may not even know it.

Anytime my production falls off, I look at who I have let influence my results. You have to learn how to handle the haters and naysayers.

If the haters and naysayers aren’t affecting you, they could have gotten to your people.  Look at your staff. Do you see anyone not motivated, not excited, quitting, lacking initiative and creativity? They have been affected and it’s costing you.

Face it, there are more people saying, “you can’t, you shouldn’t, it’s too risky, there’s no way,” than you have cheerleaders and supporters who believe in you. My wife Elena, (@elenacardone), my biggest supporter, describes it as a “ping” — that feeling you get when someone throws a dig at you, a judgment, or a little “criticism.”

The ping can take place when you are rolling or when you have already been derailed.  Things like family members telling you, “It’s all right, everyone has bad months.” That’s ridiculous advice and you need to quit taking it in. These people spread their venom and lies without even knowing they are doing so.

The media, schools, your friends and now with the prevalence of social media, there’s an infinite number of people spewing hate, opinions and bad advice your way. There is so much of it, most people aren’t even aware it is happening.

Remember this rule, money and success follow attention and you won’t get either without attracting haters and naysayers.  Also, whenever you find yourself operating below your potential, you must assume you have been affected.

Here are 5 things to remember about critics, naysayers and haters.

  1. Naysayers are quitters. The people who tell you that you can’t do something have already quit trying. “Become a multimillionaire, yeah right.” Naysayers are saying, “I’m a quitter and I am hoping you quit too because it will make sense of why I quit.”
  2. Critics and naysayers are spectators. Players don’t take feedback or criticism from spectators. Spectators rarely have success in their own lives because they are too busy spectating on the lives of the successful. I value correction and coaching from other players, but will never value criticism from naysayers or spectators.
  3. Never get emotional. Stay rational when you are getting “pinged” by the haters and critics. Say, “Thanks for that, I will take it into consideration.” Then throw it away. Avoid getting emotional. It messes with your productivity. Stay on course and stay rational.
  4. Never fear the hater, fear those who listen to him. Friends, family, and people on your team who are so weak that they buy into the hate, are more dangerous to you than the haters themselves. Get rid of the weak people that pass on critics’ garbage.
  5. Never waste a hater. Haters and naysayers should not be wished away but used like fuel to take you to the next level. There are so many people that have talked about how they used naysayers to inspire their success.

You want to be really successful? Remember, there has never been a successful person who wasn’t criticized, hated on, or underestimated. Make this your life quote in handling the haters, “One week they like me, the next week they hate me, both weeks I get paid.” 

Want to keep your head at 10X levels while others try to take you down? Get yourself and your team on my Grant on the Go MP3 package for the ammunition you need to handle the haters and naysayers in your life and keep success your focus.

Be great, nothing else pays much.


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  • Gina

    “One week they like me, the next week they hate me, both weeks I get paid.”

    Love this!

  • RealChrisWick

    Extremely helpful.

  • Disera Doss

    Wow! I’m glad I found this article because it hits the nail on the head about how to deal with Haters.

  • Zac turner

    BAAAM!!! 10X BABY!!
    Follow me @zactbaby

  • Jesse

    Amazing advice, love your summary on this, especially this nice line to use when you get a ping: “Thanks for that, I will take it into consideration.” Nothing like not engaging a hater to keep their hate attempt from going farther than the ping! Really like your blog articles, keep putting the good word out there!

  • eduardo

    Even your family when they say you can’t, you say “you can watch my success”

  • Florian Sauter

    Great article Grant!
    It’s very interesting to know that you have to separate advice from players and spectators/loser/naysayers.

    Just like Arnold said once ago: “Don’t listen to the naysayers”. The only reason why you should lend them your ear is to proof them wrong.

  • Ankit Jha

    Great article Grant. Naysayers are actually motivators if you know how to squeeze it from them 🙂

    Keep up the great work and do follow me @ankitjha23 on twitter. Be great because nothhing else pays off!

  • Grant Cardone

    thanks Jeff – be great

  • Grant Cardone

    thanks John for staying connected

  • Grant Cardone

    thanks for taking the time to comment

  • Grant Cardone

    lots of ridiculous advice in the world – see why so many fail.

  • Grant Cardone

    says more about them than it does about you

  • Grant Cardone

    me too I am so childish of me but i love it

  • Grant Cardone

    I love that…. God prepares a table in the presence of your enemies

  • Kirsten Barrie

    Great article, thank you!

  • John Buchanan

    God prepares a table in the presence of your enemies – Psalm 23 therefore haters are necessary

  • Jeff

    Great article!

  • John Logothetis

    Fact is I always do better at ANYTHING when I have doubters or Haters telling me or even sort of hinting that I “can’t do it”. I love that, makes it a fun game and I LOVE TO PROVE THEM WRONG.

  • Danny Grause

    At least 1/2 of Facebook is haters that want to whine about their life… DELETE.

  • John Dalpe

    Yeah! Spot on.

  • Machete

    I love this. It’s the story of my career. I’ll never forget my first Q end at my first sales job w HP Medical years ago. My boss called me into conference room and lectured me on how it was more important to “sell to my internal customers”. You see, I was selling all the equipment we had in inventory. ALL of it. The other guys started to complain that there wasn’t any inventory for the deals they were working.

    Silly me I thought my job was to close deals, not stay busy “selling”.

    This happened in 1989. It scarred me and I’ll never forget that butt chewing and how confused I was after it.

  • Sean Gallagher

    This is great, prefect timing! I was just getting some hate on Facebook this week for promoting myself with inspirational quotes on my Facebook page. Crazy that people can hate & criticize for that, but they did.

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