The Journey or the Destination?

Look, how many times have you been told by someone that “cute” little saying that dismisses the importance of success, like “success is a journey, not a destination.” Please! Success isn’t just a “journey,” as countless people and books suggest it is; rather, it’s a state over which you have control and responsibility. You either create success or you don’t—and it isn’t for whiners, crybabies, and victims. People who say that it’s the journey, not the destination, are likely doing a seminar or trying to sell a book. They don’t know what they are talking about. Make no mistake, it’s the destination that matters most. If success is the journey to you then you have no idea where you are going. If NASA told the American public that success is the journey the people would revolt, “No, we are going to the moon!” No NFL club tells their fan base that it’s the journey. Everyone knows it’s all about the ring—the Superbowl. The fire engine is focused on getting to the fire and putting it out, not on the journey. Your life is no different. Providing for your family, getting wealthy to bring freedom and choices to yourself matters. You can’t eat or make house payments with cute little sayings. If you want to get a loan on a house, they will say “show me your destinations and don’t tell me about your journey”. Everyone has setbacks, barriers, but did you make it, did you get there? The journey matters but the destination matters even more! After building multiple businesses from scratch, I can tell you it is important to understand that the journey is filled with many unexpected obstacles and lots of people are on the same journey. Other people and obstacles will attempt to stop you from reaching your destination. Those who make a commitment to success as a destination will last longer than those who are just on a journey. Every time you get disappointed or experience a setback, go back and write down your goals. Force yourself to remain focused on the destination instead of the difficulties. Keep in mind that the successful keep their eye on their targets regardless of the challenges. Stay on your journey and make sure you hit your destination. Be great, GC

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