Stay So Busy You’re Running Everywhere

Run everywhere you go. Stay so busy, that you actually have to run from one activity to the next. You want to stay stacked.

I want to stay so busy that I don’t have any white space on my calendar. Look, white space – doing nothing, having too much time in between events is killing you! You lose your motivation, I watch people go out into the marketplace and they win and then they take a break. I am like, “Dude! What are you doing?” That is just plum stupid. When you win, you don’t stop and take a break – it is not time to vacation. Now is the time to run to the next event and use that motivation, use the energy from the last win.

Stay so busy that you’re running everywhere you go. I have a saying; if you want to meet the devil, just don’t do anything. You won’t even have to go get him; he’ll come to you. Because too much time, too much white space, too much not doing, too much not being busy is a problem. You’re not inspired, you’re not motivated and fear starts coming in, doubt starts coming in. The devil comes to meet you.

Stay so busy that you are running everywhere! I don’t even care where you run – run anywhere in any direction. I don’t even care if it is the wrong place, just run as fast as you can. And if you find out you are going in the wrong direction, run in some other direction. Stay so busy that you’re running from one customer, one event, and one activity to the next one.

You’re probably thinking: “I am going to burn out doing that.” No, you’re not. You’re burning out doing what you’re doing now. People don’t burn out because they work, people don’t burn out because they are running and busting, going from activity to activity. People burn out when there is nothing going on.

Stay so busy that you are running everywhere you go!

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