Do Things That Challenge You the Most

Hey, do those things that challenge you the most! Quit doing the things that don’t challenge you.

Look, you’ve got to get challenged. I don’t care what it is; jump out of a plane, jump off of a bridge, go ask somebody out that you know won’t go out with you, go call Donald Trump’s office… do something that challenges you! Run for mayor, do anything that pushes you or challenges you or puts you into a different realm and I guarantee you, your experience is probably going to be a bit of anxiety, maybe some fear but underneath that there is always motivation.

Do things that challenge you the most. Maybe make a list of things that would most challenge you. For instance, when I am making sales calls, I don’t make the easiest ones first. I make the most difficult ones first. I want to get those ones that challenge me the most out of my way or I want to conquer them. Either way I win. If I make the hardest call first and I win, dude, I am on fire baby! Particularly when I put the other 99 tips together of how to stay motivated. Now, if I make that most difficult call and I lose, at least it is out of the way – it’s a no-brainer. Most people take the easiest things first. They’re not challenging themselves that’s why they’re not motivated. I am telling you this is a big problem with motivation. People are setting targets too low and doing simple, easy things everyday.

I do this with everything; I try to find the best parking space everywhere I go. My wife is like, “What are you doing going around and around?” Dude, I am going to get a good spot.

I guarantee you that I am going to get a good spot. I don’t need to settle for a bad spot, I might even park in a place that says, “Don’t Park Here” because I want that good spot. 

Do the things that challenge you the most. Don’t break the law, don’t do things that are unethical but push yourself, challenge yourself and do the things that push you the most!

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