Shoot for the Extraordinary

What will your week be like? Will it be the same as last week and the week before? Or… will it be extraordinary? The choice is yours, so why not shoot for the extraordinary? Think about three people you really admire. You’ll notice they are spending their time going big!

Look, ordinary means existing like everybody else. It’s boring. It’s safe and… it won’t keep you motivated and in the game. Ordinary is average. ‘Extra’ means going above and beyond the call of duty. Do extra in all categories of your life and see how fired up and supercharged you feel.

Whatever you’re doing, no matter whether it’s in your personal life, health, fitness, spiritual, emotional, business and finance, shoot for extraordinary. Get above the fray. Don’t strive to be like everyone else. Fitting in isn’t the goal. This isn’t high school. This is life! Go big doing more than everyone else. Hit bigger quotas. Set higher targets. Be the person everyone else wants to emulate. Create the extraordinary life others are inspired by.

Shooting for extraordinary keeps you driven, excited and motivated. Wouldn’t you rather start your day jacked up? Ordinary doesn’t jack anyone up. It wears you down. So write down your goals every day, keep focused and shoot for extraordinary.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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