Get over the idea that there’s a scarcity of money because there isn’t! There’s plenty of money to go around, in fact, there’s enough money circulating on this planet for every human being to have more money than they could ever spend. Are you getting your share of the money supply? If not, it’s because you may be thinking in terms of hard work and scarcity.   There came a time in my life where I realized if I continued to operate with the hard work and scarcity thinking I was going to end up with just hard work and scarcity.
Make a decision to start looking for prosperity. Make a decision right now to create unlimited amounts of success in your life.  Look around you and start to notice the abundance of success in the world and you’ll see that it exists all around you!

I recently had a conversation with where I shared my top Seven Secrets of Self-Made Multimillionaires: how to get started and how to enjoy a multimillion-dollar lifetime of wealth.

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