Power Base

I’m going to start you on the path of “total domination” with an asset that I know you have: a power base.
You have ‘power bases’ that will grow (or cease to grow) depending on the amount of attention you give them.

To cultivate and increase the quality of your power base, simply start with what you already have. Combine a dedicated and relentless contact of power bases with great products, and you will create a corporation that profits during any economy. Amway, Nu Skin, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Market America, and Kangen Water are just a few examples of companies whose entire model is built on the idea that everyone has a power base.  Success in those companies depend SOLELY on how effectively those power bases are informed about the company’s products. Those who make it to these firms’ top levels are great at power base reactivation.

When you effectively activate your power base, you will find people who are qualified to purchase your products, motivated to tell others and who want to do business with you.   If your power base isn’t thinking about you when they go to make a purchase then they can’t buy from you even if they want to.

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “It’s who you know, not what you know,” then you know that contacts and relationships are everything. It is vital for you to dominate your market to learn new creative ways to use personal visits, the phone, letters, email, information packages, and social media to dominate your power base and dominate your market.

Remember you are short on people, not short on money!

Short on people, not on money

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