Sales Tweak of the Week #5: The Intention to Close

Hey, this Sales Training Tweak of the Week is massive, and I hope you’re dominating your market this week. I am pumped as we get ready to film Season 2 of my reality show Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview! You are going to love this season and it’s going to 10X what we did last time!
I’m giving you these reminders each week to pull you back from all the negative influences in the media, from the drama of your friends and family. I want you to spend more time creating money than getting rid of it. And the more you prepare for each sale, the more you will close.

5. The Intention to Close
When I start a presentation I make my intention clear to the prospect: “Thanks for your time today; my goal is to have my product in your company’s hands by the end of this week.” The customer usually then tells me they have no intention of doing anything that quickly, at which point I simply say, “I understand, I just wanted you to know my intention.” If the buyer is going to close, it will be because of you, not because of them. Make your intentions clear early in the sale.

This will take time out of your deals and I want you to use this on your next prospect. Comment below with the results you get and how you handle their response.

Be great,


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  • rob

    I agree but you can handle the ‘need to think about it close’ the closers guide gives some great examples on this my friend

  • Brian Bontomase

    Grant, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been going through some major struggles in my life lately and I have taken the past 2 weeks to take a step back to refocus my life! It all started with watching your videos on Youtube and reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s books. I work with a sign company for small to medium size businesses and have concluded that my presentation (the one the company gave me) is all wrong. So I wrote a new one. It’s only going to be about 30 minutes long (as opposed to 1 1/2 – 2 hours) and it is stock full of value! I love the confidence I have now and I now am stating my intentions (and price) in the beginning! I am also asking the right questions. The presentation has closes all through it and creates a buying atmosphere that the customer feels like it’s His decision. My final close at the end I feel will have the customer so excited about the ways we are going to be helping them that it just makes sense to them. They won’t want to consider anything else! I no longer have to “Wing” this anymore. Now I can concentrate on having fun and listening to the buyer. I have never been so excited about what our company has to offer! I have yet to try this out on anybody but when I do I will let you know the outcome. I am also starting to do my homework and research the companies that I am meeting with instead of blindly cold calling. I believe this will show the customer that I am much more serious than the average salesman and that I will also take better care of them in the future. I can also talk more about a subject that they care more about rather than my product itself. One thing that my company does that I strongly disagree with is they don’t follow up (they even strongly promote not to)! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Imagine all the money left on the table over the years! Our company is 50 years old and that is how they have done it from the beginning. Our company does okay but the average salesman only sells less than a quarter of everybody they talk to. I am no longer letting this happen. I am now contacting the business owners at least 6 times before we even meet. (Not to badger but to offer info that can help them, plus setting and confirming appointments, sending emails, phone calls, testimonials, and texts). I will already be 6 steps ahead of the average salesman in my company when i meet my clients for the first time! If they don’t buy then I will continue to keep in touch until they do. Again thanks so much. Here’s to my new future! It is my goal to study all your materials and attend 1 of your events by the end of the year. It’s time to kick ass and take some names!!!

  • Dan A.

    Listen Player, I’ve been a student of yours for well over 3 years. The techniques you teach are spot on in today’s consumer society. Dan here Grant from Vidanta Group back in USA. I rely more on the common sense factors you teach upfront about getting out of your comfort zone. This works in past for me extremely well! WHY? You expose there is no hidden agenda to he customer. The bond evolves from this point. try it works..especially for those salespeople who feel uncomfortable implementing his initially. Try it! you will incorporate this long term in your pitch!

  • LP

    Could be good, but I am concerned that it will give leverage to my client over me. “Oh you want to close today, well normally we cant fo that, but if you give us this and this concession we can think about it”.

  • Greg McIntyre: Elder Law Guy

    Great advice. I will state my intentions up front with my next client. What about in an educational seminar? Announce the intention to make everyone in the room my client? To provide them with my services to protect their hard earned money and property?

  • Guest

    Great advice. I will state my intentions up front with my next client. What about in an educational seminar? Announce the intention to make everyone in the room my client? To provide them with my services to protect their hard earned money and property?

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