Sales Tweak of the Week #6: Break Your Sale Into 5 Segments

I hope you’ve been killing it! I’m so jacked after filming Season 2 of Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview! It shows me exactly what is lacking from people looking for employment today. I’m constantly seeing mediocre attitudes, but I also get to see true character and honest intent. And I’m reminded how much daily training is needed to keep your head in the game. These weekly Sales Training Tweaks give me a perfect opportunity to bring your attention back to your true intention—to be massively successful.
You need to over promise and over deliver and constantly push yourself—build a fire so big and so hot even your competitors stare in amazement! Whether it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day, you won’t achieve that massive level without working so hard you dominate your industry.

Most sales people don’t ask for the close once in a presentation, let alone the multiple times needed to make the sale. This simple tweak sets you up with perfect opportunities to ask during and after your presentation.

6. Break Your Sale Into 5 Segments
I noticed my sales team continued presenting long after the buyer had seen enough. So I took all of our presentations apart and broke them into five stages. At the end of each stage I require them to ask, “Have you seen enough information to make a decision?” This worked like a miracle and customers would say, “No, I haven’t,” allowing the sales person to continue with the presentation or we found out we didn’t even have the right decision makers in the room. In other cases the buyer closed 80% faster than they did before.

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  • Emma Downey says:

    These are great presentations Grant but how do they work for an outdoor carpentry business when the client is accepting 4 or more quotes to do one job? Most times people just want to grab the quote and run. Especially in Australia (where I am), the hard sell doesn’t work. Aussies like the ‘leave the quote in the letterbox and don’t bother me’ approach and ’don’t call me, I’ll call you’ sort of system.

  • Bruce Edwin says:

    Excellent information as always here from you Grant. I just listened to all 10 video clips, and I am excited to get back on the phone and use them all on my prospects. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lukas says:

    DUUUUDE!!!This is GOLD NUGGET, super freak awesome information, thx!

  • Marita Bladh says:

    Great idea to stop for a moment and take the pulse of the audience/customers!

  • Ulrike says:

    Love it- very helpful- shall apply it today at work- thank you!

  • Jason Grisham says:

    Only Grant Cardone packs information into the subconscious. So when you need it. It is there. My favorite is getting the second sale after you close the first.

  • Matt Elling says:

    Great tip Grant. This way you can qualify the prospect and push down any objections (complaints). 10X!!

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