Sales Tweak of the Week #1: Focus on Problem Solving

I hope you are creating massive action in your space this month.
For the next 10 weeks, I will share one sales training tweak per week that you can actually use—as you sell—to help you become more effective. I have received thousands of comments and questions from people who have read my books, been to my seminars, and have heard me speak—and I’m bringing this data to you because I know it works.

1. Focus on Problem Solving
People and companies buy things to solve problems. Salespeople should spend less time on selling the product and more time assuring the buyer the product or service will solve their problem. Get your sales pitch into a 30-second ad spot and reduce your pitch to just show how your product solves the problem. Think about teeth whitening; this product will get you whiter teeth in 24 hours, guaranteed. The pitch doesn’t get into what the ingredients are or even how the product works.

I hope this get you thinking about the importance of problem solving and how it can change your sales success on a 10X level.

I would love to see your comments below.


P.S. All 10 Tweaks are available, at any time, at our Career Tips page. It’s easy to watch 10 short clips and then forget to check back on them. I’m spreading them out over the weeks to remind you that they are there for you, free. And like any worthwhile training, it needs to be repeated, over and over, until it becomes natural—second nature.

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