End Your “Little Think”

Hope you are having an incredible February.
This week I want to talk to you about how to capitalize on social media outlets. The good thing about social media is anyone can play in the space, regardless of his or her financial situation. It allows for unlimited creativity, and rewards only those who use it consistently and persistently.

When I first started playing with social media I posted twice a day. I don’t know what I was thinking—it was a moment of “little think.” We simultaneously began sending out e-mail strategies once a month and found ourselves getting requests from people who wanted to be removed from our e-mail campaign. My colleagues suggested I back off. That is when I woke up and came to my senses.

“If you are flying under the radar you’ll never launch into orbit.” – GC

Instead of backing off, I issued the order to increase the number of posts to ten times what we had been doing—I started to 10X my strategy. I then instructed my employees to start sending out electronic strategies twice a week instead of monthly—that’s 8 times a month—and began personally posting comments on Twitter 48 times a day—that’s once every 30 minutes! I wrote each of them myself, and they were set up to be dropped in at a certain time. Although you might assume the complaints and unsubscribe requests would increase with this massive outflow campaign, they didn’t. Insted, we started receiving e-mails and posts of admiration for my activity level and compliments for my willingness to provide people with free sales and motivational information.

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The questions came flooding in: “How can you do all this? How big is your staff? Where do you find the time? Do you ever rest?” And for every person commenting, there had to be another 1,000 thinking something similar… and who do you think they were thinking about?

This was not expensive to do and only cost me energy, effort and creativity. At the same time I was doing this, the guy who most people compare me with was asked what he thought about social media—he responded, “I am still evaluating it.” While he was evaluating it, I was beating it to death. One day I posted on Twitter, “I am going to make Twitter my little bitch.”

This is an example of domination and outrageous thinking and action that doesn’t cost money. Think about domination like this: You can’t dominate if you don’t penetrate, and you won’t penetrate by using reasonable levels of activity. Your biggest problem is obscurity—other people don’t know you, your brand or your business and aren’t thinking about you.

I discuss this further in my 10X Rule Book and teach you how to apply this to any space you work in. Web ads, physical ads, knocking on doors, pitching to clients, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media. You need to get out there and become known. Dominate your space. Stop your “little think” approach.

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