Relationships, Fanatics and Massive Action

7. Great salespeople invest in networking, community and relationships, knowing that the difference between a contact and a contract is the ‘R’ in Relationship.

A great salesperson gets involved in the community by actively investing time and energy in relating to people and making positive impact. Building community ties builds a sense of trust and trust leads to a long-lasting relationship. Once an open and trusting relationship has been established, people are much more willing to buy from you. You will be more than just someone they know, but someone a person wants to do business with.

Work on things and invest yourself in the community even if it doesn’t seem like you’ll immediately receive monetary benefits from this pursuit.

Why do we love hearing about big businesses doing good deeds and charity around the Holidays? Because it’s evidence that they care and take part in the world around them. Be human, lend a helping hand.

8. Great salespeople are fanatical and obsessed about selling their customers and growing their businesses.

Obsession is a gift! There are people who want to say that obsession is a bad habit, that it’s a curse. The people who believe so, will always find themselves strung at the bottom of the ladder. Obsession allows you to focus fully on creating and building a business. If you are not obsessed with growing customers and your business, then it means you are not fully sold on your product. You do not truly believe deep down that what you are selling is the absolute best.

Be fanatic to the point that not getting someone on your service is an ethical violation for yourself!

9. Great Salespeople don’t depend on marketplace economies for their outcomes and instead, rely on their own actions.

The market isn’t your biggest problem; it’ll always go through periods of down time and periods of prosperity. During prosperous moments, many people flock to sales in order to make money quickly, but when things start to dip, people find themselves wondering why they can’t close any sales.

Those who aren’t as effected by dips, increase their actions. If you were closing 3 out of 10 customers during good times, and only 1 out of 10 during bad times, then you have to increase your actions 300% in order to perform like you did before. Your ratio might go down, but don’t allow that to keep your attitude and goals low.

Great salespeople buckle down and take massive action to ensure their earnings reflect their own efforts.

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