Over-committing is a GRRRREAT Thing!

4. Great salespeople deliver more than promised… and promise a lot!

Over-commit! The absolute best way to convince someone to agree with you is to over-commit. Make them think they are getting the world and then some. Then deliver at even greater levels than that!

If you were about to propose to your significant other what would you say?

“Hey, we could be ok together. I think there’s a chance that not too many bad things would happen?”


You would say “Baby, I think we are perfect together and I promise you the best life possible!”

You would make sure that they knew they were getting the best. Once the marriage comes, it’s your job to deliver that day after day and go even beyond what you promised. That’s what makes a marriage last.

So why would you do any less for a prospective client? I see sales people all the time go out and they “set expectations low.” They don’t want to disappoint the customer.

SOLUTION: Understand that people have high expectations—expectations that are to be met, but more importantly, to be surpassed. Impress your customers by following through, by going above and beyond to make things happen, and by showing them how valuable they are!

5. Great salespeople invest time in matters that positively affect income rather than on things that provide no gain.

Is watching an extra hour of TV tonight going to help you get closer to your goals? Do you really need to spend time reading negative stories that the media continuously clogs your newsfeed with?

Sift through your daily tasks and filter the things that are absolutely pointless, that get you nowhere you want to go, but simply are there to distract you.

SOLUTION: Take extra time to increase your income; read books on sales techniques, call clients, talk to people about your products, create and sell your marketing ideas. Focus and commit to what will help you and stabilize long-term financial success.

6. GREAT Salespeople always seek new, better, faster ways to increase sales efforts.

A salesperson always stays hungry. A GREAT salesperson will always build their clientele by being available for old clients while simultaneously, looking for new clients. Time is spent on training, handling objections, complaints, concerns and needs. You must try and find ways to fill your pipeline. Never find satisfaction, hunger for more! For further insight check out Grant Cardone’s online sales training courses.

SOLUTION: Look for ways to improve your sales process. Daily training directs your focus on improving yourself as a salesperson. Everyday, find one thing to improve upon. You’ll see positive change and outstanding results!

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