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  • Frederick B. Penn Sr.


    Would You Please Stop Saying the Word “Kid” and Eliminate the Word From Your Vocabulary
    Do you understand the origin of the word? Female goats are referred to as does or nannies, males as bucks or billies; their offspring are kids.

    Are you aware of why and how the word was used? During the Dark Ages of England, little children roamed the streets competing with cats, dogs, goats, rats and anything hungry for something to eat. Just like the goats, children would put anything in their mouth! Goats are willing to eat almost anything. Their reputation for doing so is most likely due to their intensely inquisitive nature. Goats, like children, will explore anything new or unfamiliar in their surroundings.

    Children behaved just like goats fighting for food and the adults treated them like little goats and other animals searching desperately for food in the streets, alleys and garbage. Adults would often describe children as little hungry goats willing to eat anything to stay alive. So began calling children “Kids”.

    Why does the word “Kid” degrade children?

    America isn’t aware, unconscious and seemingly lacks the understanding of the impact and responsibility of the words adults say to and about children. From age’s birth to 18, parents and adults must be more aware of the power and influence of the words they say to and about children. Their words create, determine and direct the life path of children. Words have a direct negative or positive impact that causes an emotional effect on the feelings, thoughts and actions of children. ISEE, Inc. is campaigning to use words that build self-esteem when we speak to and about children.

    The word “Kid” is used as adult slang. Why not replace the word “Kid” with children, boys & girls, youth, youngsters, young people, teens or teenagers?

    America’s habit of calling children “kids” is disrespectful to children. My question to America is: What does the child gain or benefit from being called a “kid”?

    America: Why are you still using the word?

    I believe America thinks the word is cute and only innocent slang. America is unaware of the negative history and meaning of the word “kid”.

    Do you understand why we need to campaign to eliminate the word?

    What good does the word create?

    Why keep calling children “kids”?

    The word has never had a positive meaning for children. Now is the time to eliminate the word “Kid”

    Frederick Penn is the Founder & Director of the Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. located in Chicago, IL.. a 501©(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation.

    Grant Cardone, please support the “GREAT” work we accomplish with families and children in Chicago. “Your donations mean so much to so many.”

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