Improve Your Prospects

Prospecting – The MOST important thing you can do for your success.

Make no mistake, you could be the best salesperson in the world. You could know how to SUPERFREAK a demonstration, handle any objection, have hundreds and hundreds of closes memorized and ready to use, but what good is any of that if you have no one to use them on?

The primary purpose of prospecting is vastly misunderstood by so many people. It is not to get more people to buy your product (at first). The main purpose of prospecting is to get people aware of you. They need to think of your name and your company first when they have a need for what you offer. I don’t care if you sell cars or provide home cleaning services. When a customer needs that particular brand you need to be the first business card they reach for, the first name they search in Google, the first person they try to contact through Facebook, etc.

Basics of Prospecting:

  1. You have to be creative (walk-in visits, follow up visits, lunch meetings, post cards, reviews on websites, etc.)
  2. You have to be service-oriented
  3. Find a way to get in front of people
  4. Make sure they remember you’re the best person to help them, even if that is in the future.

The secondary purpose of prospecting is to create your own economy.

If you are dependent on others, or walk-in traffic, then you will be at the mercy of factors that you have no control over. Maybe some guy in another country had a bad fight with his wife and because of that you’re now getting less traffic. I exaggerate, but the point remains, you want to be in control at all points in time.

I challenge all of you to spend the next couple of days thinking of creative methods to make yourself positively known to at least 50 new people next week. Email me back what you came up with and what your results were.

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