Offsite Training—Make Sure it’s Worth Your Time, Energy and Money

Are you committed to improving your sales, your marketing, your business, and knowing as much as you can?

Then make sure you’re getting the best training, information, mentoring, and coaching you can get.

Workshops, retreats, mastermind sessions, boot camps, conferences – there’s a lot of offsite training opportunities out there – most of them are crap though.

Overpromising, under delivering, ineffective, a waste of time and money, that’s what you’re facing.

Let me break it down for you.


Workshops are typically a one-person presentation in a classroom environment. You might break into groups to run through some exercises. And, it’s usually a single session where you’ll get some hand-outs, a book or take home materials.

Listen to me.  Workshops and on-site training often don’t make an impact. Most fail. A workshop is like a one-night stand.  Boom, you’re out of there and it’s forgotten.

Why? The topic might be dull and not-on-point to the audience.  The person running the workshop might be a boring presenter. Maybe the skills and methods taught aren’t used by the team afterward because they aren’t in line with the company’s way of doing business. And, learning and practicing something one time, being exposed to a new idea only once, those things are usually not remembered, nor are they used.

Now, if you are doing a training program every day, and you reinforce that training with a workshop, then that’s the smarter move.

You’re emphasizing and ingraining the data and baking it into your company DNA.


A masterclass, mastermind group, or mastermind event are really just a type of workshop. They are led by an expert in the field and usually with a high-profile person as the host. The goal is that you’re being taught some high-level content.

A mastermind group or event is more like a work session of peers, think of it like a group therapy session. These peer meetings can cover support, brainstorming, education, or similar topics. I personally think a masterclass can be beneficial if it’s for a short amount of time, you have a great speaker, and the class is focused on a single topic or professional issue.


Conferences are usually large multi-day events with training sessions, presentations and exhibitors. In certain types of conferences, people formally unveil their work or make presentations. The biggest draw of traditional conferences seems to be the chance to network and the vendors on the exhibition floor.

Meeting with vendors and seeing the trends of different products and services on the convention floor can be worth it and might spark new ideas. Boom, you might even see a marketing opportunity and get a jump on the competition!

Corporate Retreats

A retreat is defined as any time you intentionally set aside a period of time, away from work, with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions. This time allows you the ability to get your group back on track, re-energized and focused.

The most common reason given by “the experts” on why people go on a corporate retreat is that it’s used when you need perspective to keep your business moving forward. I’ve got to be honest with you folks, this sounds like hell to me. I’ve never stepped away from work. I work 24/7, 365. I’m out there hustling. Every day I wake up with the mindset that I’m unemployed and looking for work.  You don’t retreat, you attack.




Boot Camps

Boot Camps are fairly new to the business world. They are intensive, immersive, multi-functional workshops that take place over a short period of time. They are usually designed to attack and make a big dent in an issue.

Boot camps are multi-channel experiences. They hit you with information in a lot of different ways. 1 on 1 sessions, small, and big group meetings and assignments are combined to create the overall camp agenda.  Usually, boot camps will have homework as well as group classes.  This combo optimizes recall of what you’re learning. So, in other words, the changes in your actions and thinking have a better chance of sticking. For example, you learn a new way to do follow up on your leads at boot camp.

By learning about it on your own and then in a class or group session, then training and practicing it, you will retain the information and keep doing it!

Great Boot Camps don’t just happen though. Attendees should have a core skill set already in place before going so they can understand what is being presented. There will be many different types of learnings and activities during the camp that will use these skills, teach new ways to use them, as well as teach new ones.

Training manuals, coaching, real-world examples, role-playing, Q&A, lectures, projects, quizzes or tests and even more are used during this type of program.

You’ll also learn how to proactively seek out new information and resources. Boot camp teaches you how to commit and make a decision to learn about the subject and profession.

And, like any training, it’s only going to be good if you have a great, charismatic and knowledgeable instructor pushing you, mentoring you, and training you. The other half of this equation is the audience. They have to be engaged, willing to learn, willing to change, asking questions, and dedicated to being better in their professional life.

I do a lot of training aimed at businesses, salespeople, sales managers, solopreneurs, small business owners, large corporations.

I do intensive workshops based on my programs from Cardone University. I do conferences. I do large arena shows, talk shows, 1-day events and boot camps.  What’s the difference when I do these types of offsite meetings versus the others?

In a word, me. Don’t take that for arrogance. I’m willing to teach you, to show you what I’ve learned. I have a ton of free content, free advice and coaching out there.  These training sessions reinforce and expand on all of my training and self-development programs.  And, it’s a great chance for you to connect with me, the Cardone method and my proven strategies to make you successful!

So check out my upcoming 10X Business Boot Camp. It’s a terrific 3-day workshop, where I’m going to work with you to devise sales and marketing plans to drive 10X more sales to your company. And then I’m going to show you how to execute them. My team and I will cover best practices and do live sales role-playing. You’ll get to network with other business owners, sales managers, salespeople, marketing directors, and executives, as well as learn, learn, learn.

Book your seat today!

Be great,


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