Never Miss A Sales Opportunity Again

I hope you’re blowing your production through the roof.  We are halfway through the year and it’s time to push harder and avoid missing opportunities.

This week a survey revealed that 76% of working Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. This shouldn’t get you down, it should motivate you. The harsh reality is that we all know someone who is in this category. This should never happen to anyone and I want to make sure it never happens to you.

The facts motivate me to take care of my family. I met with TV and radio powerhouse Steve Harvey this week as we are going to be doing a tour across the US together. He shared that, “people have no understanding of how much financial success is required to really live life without worry.”  And… Steve Harvey has made a lot of money, but, consider the financial condition of most Americans:

  • 24% have enough savings to cover six months of expenses
  • 50% have less than a three-month cushion
  • 27% have no savings at all

Shamefully I have been at every one of those categories in my life, even after years of being in business for myself. I was scared, ashamed and frustrated and at times, I didn’t know what to do.  As a father, husband and employer, these threats are unacceptable to me.

Financial freedom can’t come without the ability to generate more income. The only way to get more revenue is to become more valuable in the marketplace. The only way to do that today is either invent something or sell something. Even if you invent something, someone has to sell it.

Sales is the only profession that allows you, your family and company to bring in more money and create financial freedom. I have worked with hundreds of thousands of salespeople and thousands of sales organizations. People get frustrated when it comes to increasing income and making new sales but you don’t have to.

Instead of giving up, understand the facts.

  1. Anyone can learn to sell.
  2. Any salesperson can make an extra sale.
  3. You are missing opportunities no matter how good you are.
  4. We all need more money!
  5. Sales is the only way to grow your business and finances.

For 30 years I have worked with companies to help them identify where they are missing sales opportunities. I want to share with you the top three reasons companies and sales people miss sales. The answers will blow your mind.


Go to for the top three reasons you are missing sales and the three myths about why sales people don’t make those extra sales.


You can do more and you can make more money. You should not be satisfied with your current results and must stay hungry to get those extra sales.


Visit now and you will also get a free pdf file of the three reasons why sales people miss sales (perfect for handouts) and a free mp3 download of the best elevator pitch you will ever hear.


I’d love to see your comments below as to why you think most sales people miss those extra sales – I bet you can’t guess.


Be great, nothing else pays.

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