Mister Play It Safe Always Loses

Trying to avoid danger in a world that is filled with it is impossible.

Mister Play It Safe Always Loses…

Bad things happen to good people every day.

  • Sometimes you lose money before you make money.
  • Customers betray you for the competition.
  • Your spouse leaves you.
  • Employees screw up.
  • The stock market will not coddle you and the economy punishes good people and bad people alike.

By being careful and trying to avoid danger, people actually spend their lives in danger.

The only way to reduce risk is to take risk…while it might seem counterintuitive, it is actually safer to be at sea than tied up in the harbor.

Especially because that big ship you have wasn’t built for the harbor—it was built for deep waters, high swells, and long journeys to where the big sharks swim and treasures await.

Comfort is your biggest threat—because in your effort to find it or maintain it, you lose out on making gains toward your potential.

The only way to guarantee your safety is to become obsessed with being the most dangerous person in your space.

If you aren’t dangerous, you are a threat to no one and will be pushed around by competitors, customers, vendors, employees, your spouse, and even your kids.

Don’t live any more of your life cowering, being fearful, timid, or accommodating.

Here are some ways you can always stay dangerous.


According to a 2008 Pew research report, 88 percent of all people live within a couple of miles from where they grew up.

The best moves of my life have been when I left familiar and comfortable settings…because comfort is the enemy of the obsessed.

To be dangerous, force yourself out of your comfort zone, literally—try a new city.

Moving has always proved to be a monster personal growth builder for me.

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Regardless of where you live, you need to make it a point to constantly meet new people.

There is no glory in living in one of the greatest countries on the planet and spending all of your time on the couch, or at the club, or even with the same people.

If you’re not connecting with new people, more influential and smarter people, online, in person, over the phone, at conferences, through mentors, and everything in between— you are putting yourself in danger.

Connecting with others might be uncomfortable, but still, I’ve stayed dangerous by reaching out of my comfort zone and meeting new people who could be helpful to know then or at some point in the future.


You can look like everyone’s favorite uncle and still be the most dangerous person in the space.

You can be nice to everyone, respectful, and have good manners, but success is not a popularity contest.

I would rather others think less of me than think less of myself.

Remember this, to be President, you just need to get half of the nation to hate you.

Love me or hate me, at least you know me!



When new and unfamiliar technology comes out, learn how to use it and start to wield it—until something newer and better comes out.

To continue to grow your company, your network, and your dominance in the marketplace, you have to embrace and become obsessed with every technology that can introduce you to unfamiliar people, strange environments, and new things.

Become an early adopter and take the leap into the unfamiliar!

Don’t be the comfortable “Play-it-safe” person, because fear is an indication of what you should do, not what you shouldn’t do.

I have been scared most of my career, and if I am not scared, I start to worry that I am not challenging myself with new things.

You have to convert your fear into power.

Fear can be your friend…it can be an asset, a source of energy, creativity, and inspiration.

I guarantee that you will not find the path to your purpose inside your comfort zone.

Ask yourself today these questions:

  • Are you are expanding and re-creating who you are? If not, you are stagnating.
  • Are you reaching for new audiences? If not, you are becoming obsolete.
  • Are you creating new products? If not, you are uninspired.
  • Are you developing new streams of income? If not, you are on your way to losing money.
  • Are you the biggest fish in a small pond? If so, you are getting lazy.
  • Are you the smartest person in the room? If so, you are asking for boredom.
  • Are you always worried about one client? If so, your pipeline is not full enough.
  • Are you scared at this very moment? If you aren’t, then you aren’t doing the things that are worth doing.

Hope that helps,


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